Rest and silence

Silence and rest are two precious goods that we all need in our lives. Rest and silence are almost a luxury in our daily lives, but we must be aware that these are also things necessary for our health. They are a luxury, a gift that we sometimes offer when our schedule and our obligations allow. However, these two things are in fact two fundamental needs for our well-being, and especially for our mental equilibrium. So take time to rest your body and mind, have a deep and restful sleep, enjoy silence, a few hours of solitude.

The majority of us live in a world of constant cacophony both in the foreground and in the background. Traffic, conversations, running machines, airplanes, trains, televisions and even this constant hum of the processor of our computers. All this contributes to a state of unceasing hyperactivity, capable of altering our mood, generating irritation, fatigue, loss of concentration, etc.

The most curious of all is that people get used to this kind of reality. It becomes normal. We say to ourselves that this is the way, that it is the mark of today’s society and that we must assume it. In this accelerated and hyper-connected world, we have made silence and rest two pieces of luxury that are not within our reach of all.

Lack of sleep and stress do not kill directly. What they are really doing is increasing depression, burn outs and suicide rates. Exhaustion is so high and the mood so desperate that many people see no solution to their personal reality and opt for the saddest option.

Silence and rest are two vital antidotes able to modulate our brain so that it finds harmony, and so that the spirit is found and agrees with its authentic being.

The psychological effects of sleep deprivation are immense and to this day, we continue to neglect this aspect. We do it with our way of life, with our electronic devices and the blue light of these screens that stimulate the brain and prevent us from falling asleep.

In addition, our work and the worries that we carry with the pillow, deprive us of this restful rest so necessary for the physical and cerebral health. Silence and rest are two words that are becoming a business for many companies, so much so that on the market we take medication to fall asleep, books spas to rest, etc.


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  1. Silence and rest is vital and yes, it can seem like a luxury, which this year was feeling like that. But rest and silence is what I am getting every day this week after feeling burnt out for some time.
    Work is allowing me time off next week for recovery. I can have what time I need, but I am hoping this will help me enough, as I stand down on my caring duties.

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