Let it go

Let it go. Please don’t start to sing, because I’ll have to join as I know every single lyrics by heart (I have 3 kids) and I really have zero talent when it comes to singing out loud. 😛

Your inner peace is more important than figuring out why it didn’t go the way you were expecting it to go. It’s also more important than trying to have it all figured out all at once. Let it go.

Overthinking is a major challenge especially for introverts and people struggling with anxiety issues. I am both.

It is all too easy for negative thoughts and concerns to flood an introvert’s or an anxiety filled ever-buzzing brain. We begin to over-think, analyze and even obsess over things that we cannot control.  Before we know it, our mind becomes so full of swirling thoughts and worries that we end up flatten us into the ground. Our inner peace is more important than this vicious circle.

I don’t know about you, but I could write a book on overthinking. It’s is so easy to be swept up by those swirling and multiplying inner reflections.

Letting go and inviting quiet inside our minds is not only heavenly and relaxing, it’s necessary for our health.

People talk about caterpillars becoming butterflies as though they just go into a cocoon, slap on wings and are good to go. Caterpillars have to dissolved into a disgusting pile of goo to become butterflies. So if you are a mess wrapped up in a blanket right now, keep going.


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  1. As an anxious introvert, this is really helpful. I always wondered why do these thoughts flood my mind daily. I thought it was just who I was. Reframing those negative thoughts help me clear space. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m an introvert with anxiety and I often wonder where one ends and the starts. Reframing those negative thoughts takes time, but you are absolutely right. It helps clear space. 🙂

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