Fighting among ourselves

We need to stop fighting among ourselves. A tactic to defeat your enemy is make it so that they are too busy fighting among themselves to fight the real enemy. Do you find yourself critiquing feminism more than misogyny?

“Amazing how most people are more angry at imperfect feminism than they are at systemic misogyny.” – Namaah @thehappyn00dle

It’s also important to see the difference between hatred and constructive criticism. Imperfect feminism can look a lot like white supremacy. It is important to critique and modify our feminism at every point.

All over the world, women no longer want to be harassed on the streets and at work. They no longer want to suffer domestic violence. We know that women are under great social and family pressure. When a woman is economically dependent, we know very well that she will not be able to complete her claim.


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