What makes a gamer?

What makes a gamer? I don’t play most first person shooter games because they require socializing with others and I’m an introvert. Playing games on my computers is about letting go of the day’s stress. Socializing only adds to the stress so it’s not for me.

The amount of first person shooter gamers who have told me over the years that strategy and simulation games are not real computer games and therefore don’t count towards the legitimacy of me being a gamer annoys me beyond words.

What makes a gamer?

A gamer is a person who plays computer games on a regular basis. I play every single day. I prefer games that require me to strategize, solve puzzles, trivia, etc. I prefer any game that doesn’t require to join an online community.

“There is no one without purpose in a game. That is what Gamification is all about.”

Vineet Raj Kapoor

I used to be a huge Final Fantasy player until they went online, then I walked away. I’ve played in land parties with my close friends. There is a difference between playing online and playing a game of strategy among friends.

“As a PC gaming enthusiast, a significant chunk of my time and money was spent building and upgrading my rig, always in pursuit of a better gaming experience. At some point, I decided to take a look past my three 3D monitors and figure out what the absolute best theoretical gaming setup would be.”

Palmer Luckey

My point is that there shouldn’t be a class system among gamers. No one should feel superior because you play an online first person shooter.


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