National Dog Day

August 26th is National Dog Day.

Friendly reminder that no matter how friendly and sweet your dog is, it’s never okay to let them run up on another dog without getting permission from that dog’s owner for them to meet. This happens often when we walk our dog in our neighbourhood. While your dog might be completely lovely, you don’t know the other dog. You don’t know how my dog will react to another dog or to another human being. So no matter how much you love dogs, do not approach without permission.

Not every dog reacts the same way. They might not like other dogs. They might be a working dog. They might be trying to focus on training and learning something new. They might be sick and not feeling well. The owner just might not prefer other dogs near their dog. There’s countless reasons why someone might not want your sweet and friendly dog running up to their own dog.

My friend has a rescue dog. He is friendly with everyone except adult males, because he was abuse by his last owner. She never goes out without putting a muzzle on her dog. You would think the muzzle would give a hint that this dog is not friendly with everyone. She even warns people and they dismiss her words. This is ridiculous. If something bad were to ever happen, the dog would be put down and it wouldn’t be his fault or the owner’s fault in this case.

Remember to be courteous of other dog owners. Always maintain control over your dog and always ask for and receive permission before allowing your dog to engage with another dog. Both for the safety and comfort of other dogs, but especially for your own!

Have a happy national dog day.


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