Is air conditioning good for migraines?

Is air conditioning good for migraines? Not only is it good, but air conditioning should be covered by health insurance. What? Have you lost you mind? Let me explain why I think it should be covered.

I suffer from migraines. I’ve suffered from migraines since my college years. Migraines are more than having a headache. I am on medication and it works to a certain point. For years, I had migraines several times a week. This was my normal.

In the last two years, I had a lot less migraines that I used to have. The only sure shot was if it rained and I had my time of the month, then you are certain that I will develop a migraine. I didn’t really know why, but I was happy. Just go with it, right?

Recently, it’s all become too clear. Air conditioning was the change that made me feel better. Recently, we had electricity issues and our central air conditioning doesn’t work. We’ve been without air conditioning during a period where heat and humidity has been at a all time high. Guess what? I’ve had several migraines in the last two weeks. I’ve needed two refills of my emergency migraine pills.

If air conditioning was recognize to be good for people suffering from migraines and if it was covered by health insurance, insurers would actually save money as medication claim would be dramatically reduce.


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