National Beach Day

Friday, August 30, 2019 marks National Beach Day.

Did you know that holidays spent under the sun and feet in the sand may be counted? I was lucky enough to visit Cancun, Mexico with my best friend and I wouldn’t want any beach to disappear.  

In some parts of the world, beaches are eroding, others disappear without a trace. A team of Dutch researchers has found that a quarter of the sandy beaches around the world are eroding at varying rates. Their data contrast with more alarmist estimates that up to 70% of global beaches showed signs of erosion.

About 7% of the world’s beaches are eroding at an alarming rate of more than 3 to 5 meters per year, and 2% are losing more than 10 meters annually, according to the study.

The global upheaval of beaches has no single cause. It is attributed to both natural and human factors.

Sand mining, a global practice supported to meet the needs of the construction industry, bailing out empty beaches or even creating artificial territories, is particularly singled out.

Rising sea levels and natural disasters, exacerbated by global warming, also weigh heavily on beach survival. It is estimated that each time the sea level increases one centimetre, the coast and beaches lose about one meter. Tell me again that climate change isn’t real…

Tropical storms and hurricanes that shake the coasts also swallow with them a large amount of sand at sea.

Sand is created naturally by the disintegration of materials of mineral origin, especially by ice and water. Each year, the rivers then export the sediments to the seas, the researcher continues, who estimates that nature displaces about twenty billion tons per year. The grains of sand finish their race on the beaches. With the construction of dams, port facilities on the coast or dredging, there is less sand arriving on the beaches.

Hence the importance, according to the researcher, of satellite monitoring the evolution of coasts and beaches to see how and at what rate the planet is transformed


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