What is emotional exhaustion?

What is emotional exhaustion? It is a condition that is reached due to an overload of effort. It does not appear overnight. It is a progressive process until it reaches a point where the person collapses.

The causes of emotional exhaustion

Emotional exhaustion comes from the fact that there is an imbalance between what we give and what we receive. In other words, you are giving much more than you are receiving and your cup is running empty.

This can happen when you have to take care of someone due to illness, if you are a parent, if you are the one that everyone goes to for help, etc. The exhausted person usually lacks time for herself. She, he or they does not receive enough recognition, affection or consideration.

The initial symptoms

The initial symptoms of emotional exhaustion are physical fatigue, insomnia, and irritability. It grows into lack of motivation, emotional distancing, and frequent forgetfulness. It becomes difficulties to think.

How to get better

The best way to overcome emotional exhaustion is, of course, to rest. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, in this instance we both must find free time to relax and be quiet to recharge our emotional battery.

It is very important to have empathy for ourselves. It is essential to develop an attitude of understanding and kindness towards oneself.

We must also bring change, boundaries to our life. Another solution is to work to build a different attitude to daily obligations. Each day should include moments to dedicate to commitments but also to rest and perform rewarding activities. There is truly nothing more restoring than spending time alone during the day.

Like I’ve said in past blog posts, obsessions of perfection or fulfillment must be put aside. If not, we will sooner or later be unable to move forward.


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