Parents’ mental health matters

Parents’ mental health matters. Parents mental health issues often get pushed aside because it’s simply not a priority. When a child is born, the persons who brought this child to existence take second place.

The fact that there is a lack of coordinated resources to address mental health issues doesn’t help.

For some parents the transition to parenthood is easy, for others it’s a struggle. Many feel depression, anxiety and guilt. This is kept secret, because we are bombarded with the idea that parenthood is the best thing that will ever happen to you. It’s not the case for everyone. Some need help and support through the transition.

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it, seeking help is a sign of strength not weakness.

The awful truth is that parenting is even more challenging when you are struggling with mental health and have zero help or/and support. There is so much judgement and attacks on parenting styles online that many are left wondering what is a good parent.

Mental health issues are more common than you may believe. They are even more common if there was some complication during the pregnancy and childbirth or if the child is born with health issues. Now imagine how much mental health is affected in areas where women are forced to bring an unwanted pregnancy to term…

Many parents will experience anxiety disorder during this time. Parents’ mental health matters and it’s time to shine a light on this issue.

Lack of treatment means that parents stay sick. When mental illnesses are ignored, they can become chronic and ongoing. Mental illness doesn’t go away just because you wished it. This means that parents can struggle with depression, anxiety, insomnia, guilt, etc. for years and years. This doesn’t only impact the parents, it impacts their children too.

Parents deserve to be healthy. Children deserve parents who are healthy. Parents give up a lot in order to raise children. On this blog, I always want to be transparent about the sacrifice of parenthood and celebrate families who do everything to keep their families strong regardless of all the challenges they face.


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