Struggling Parents

Struggling parents remember that it is easy to feel like a good mom or dad when everything is going right. Remember that you are a good mom or dad even when you are struggling.

It is easy to look upon other parents and think that they are the image of perfection. Remember that an image is too often deeply false.

Don’t hide your struggle, talking about your imperfections and how difficult it is to parent may help another couple who is struggling. It may also make others who are hiding their pain open up about their own struggles and we will all feel less alone.

We are struggling parents. Parenting is challenging. Parenting teenagers isn’t easy. I don’t want people to look at me and my husband and think that we are in a perfect relationship with perfect kids. There is no such thing.

Some people may think that hearing about people’s struggles are none of their business and knowing about them does nothing for me or my family. It may be true for them. I still believe that being open makes for a healthier world. One that doesn’t give our children expectations of unattainable perfection.

I believe there is beauty in the struggle. It is what makes us so special.

“My greatest wish is that my children… Always know how much I love them. And that they walk through the rest of their lives knowing that I will always be there if I can, no matter what their age.”


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