You are beautiful

International make-up day is observed on September 10th. I want to take this time to say that you are beautiful.

Did you know that the word cosmetic comes from the Greek word kosmos, which means adorn or arrange.

Wear makeup for fun, because you like it, not because you need it to make yourself prettier. You may not currently be able to see it, but you are so unbelievably pretty just as you are.

The beauty industry isn’t suffering at all. Makeup alone makes about $18 billion in profits. Perfumes make $15 billion in profit. Skin care makes most of all with $24 billion. The sad part is that there is more money being spend on beauty than there is on education.

I rarely wear makeup myself. I don’t have the skill that my daughter has to apply it. I also find makeup way too expensive as we are struggling to pay bills and put food on the table.

Remember that you have to do what is right for yourself. No one is walking in your shoes. You are beautiful just the way you are.


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