What is dyspraxia?

What is dyspraxia? It’s a learning disability. It’s a disorder that affects the following:


Having difficulty to follow a plan. Your child may have issues coloring within the lines for example.

Please note that your child may have dyspraxia and be a coloring genius. These are example of symptoms, no every child will have them all.

Global Motor Skills

A child with this learning disability will most likely have physical difficulties. For example, having issues getting dressed, eating without making a mess.

It can also show has an issue with coordination. For example: having trouble with sports, catching a ball, learning how to go on a bicycle, playing video games that require quick movement and button or keys stroke coordination.

It can be very frustrating for the child to see their friends succeeding at these basic activities while they are unable to follow.

Dyspraxia affects concentration

Lack concentration. Gets easily distracted. Has memory issues. A child with Dyspraxia can also have attention deficit disorder. Please discuss with your psychologist. It took longer to diagnosed in my child because they assumed that the concentration issues were due to dyspraxia alone.


Can mix up words. Have trouble communicating what is clear in their head. The idea is clear, but the delivery is mixed up.

Dyspraxia in school

Often disturbed by sounds that other students make. Have trouble taking notes or writing down their homework list when the teacher writes it on the blackboard. Has issues listening for the entire class period. Has trouble writing down their ideas on paper.

Back to school means making sure you know how to advocate. If you have a child with dyspraxia, you need to make an appointment with the school principle to sit and discuss what can be done to help your child along her or his journey.


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