Walking your path

Walking your path means that you do not have to cater your goals, your dreams, your personality to fit in the crowd. Walking your path means being true to yourself. Trust me, although the road may look difficult and lonely, you will be happier for it.

This is a reminder to be free to be yourself and walk your own path. If you don’t know who you are that’s okay too. Get curious about who you may be, enjoy some alone time, go out by yourself, discover what makes you happy. Enjoy the process of discovering who you are. Give yourself as much time as you need during this process.

“You don’t have to defend or explain your decisions to anyone. It’s your life. Live it without apologies.”

Mandy Hale

Sometimes things do not go as planned. It is in these moments that it is important to stay positive. Things always end up getting better.

Dialing down expectations of yourself and others will help with becoming more flexible when things don’t go exactly as planned.

“Your journey is not he same as mine, and my journey is not yours, but if you meet me on a certain path, may we encourage each other.”


When we do not really embody our own personality, negative emotions will slip more often than we would like. Thus, feeling unhappy most of the time indicates something deep inside you isn’t okay. Pay attention to your emotions they will guide you towards the right path. If you are not satisfied with yourself and life as you know it, then you need to make some changes. Becoming oneself and following your own path begins by being honest with our emotions and feelings, so do not hesitate to look inside your soul when you feel you need a fresh start.


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  1. Very true. We were all created with our own gifts, passions and personalities. Despite what mainstream media/government projects, we weren’t created to fit into a mold of someone else. To be a clone. That’s not realistic. I appreciate you for sharing this. I, too recently learned to embrace my path. That I don’t necessarily have to choose a side when it comes to my career but pursue both interests confidently and proudly.

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