The environment knows no borders

The environment knows no borders. When it comes to the environment, the planet doesn’t have,  nor should it have borders. Climate change affects everyone. We must all work as one to protect the world we live one. We can’t limit our effort to our own country and ignore what is happening elsewhere. We can’t think that the decision we make within our own country will only affect its citizens.

“We already have all of the facts and solutions. All we have to do is to wake up and change.”

– Greta Thunberg

The climate crisis is real. Too often politician are looking to pander to the wealthy and to companies that can support them with money. Greed leads. The oil lobby are doing everything they can do to shut down public action. We must act now against climate change.

I consider myself to be a human being first and an American second. As such, I place humanity over country. If that makes me less patriotic, it makes patriots less human.

– Colin Fish

By studying the movement of migratory birds, such as snow geese and guillemots, researchers will attempt to better predict the consequences of climate change on northern ecosystems. This means Canada and the United States inclusively.

The environment knows no borders. The Brazil government wants to burn the Amazon down, to turn it into industrial farms. The Amazon is often referred to as the world’s lungs. Behind these industrial farms are global corporations like Burger King, McDonald’s, and KFC that are sourcing beef from Brazil. Cattle ranching for the Brazilian beef industry has been identified as one of the largest causes of the devastating forest fires in the Amazon. Greed and racism have created a world where consequences to the ecosystem isn’t as important as the money that can be made in the present. Beef exports from Brazil find their markets all over the world.


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  1. Great article! I’ve always known what we do affects the environment. During elementary school, I was taught not littering and recycling helps. However, I didn’t know how large of an impact humans have. Recently, I read an article regarding the fashion industry’s impact on the environment in relation to CO2 emissions, waste produced and water use. I had no idea. In addition, I’m hearing about more sustainable fashion companies that can deliver both style and be an advocate for preserving our natural resources. It’s quite alarming. I think about numerous companies that have jumped on the “natural hair bandwagon” offering shea butter/natural oil-based hair products. But I wonder, where are they sourcing all of this? Even with the vegan craze. More meat-based companies are coming out with meatless products but I doubt they are all conducting sustainability practices or using natural ingredients to churn it out to the masses quickly. I’ve started to wonder, what happens if all the natural resources are depleted? Then what?

    1. Everything we do has an impact and it boggles me when people aren’t worried or bothered because it’s happening in someone else’s backyard. Like you’ve said sustainability is the key. As long as awareness is used to make profits, we aren’t really looking at all the angles and at the true cost of what we do.

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