How to prevent abortions

Abortion is something that has divided people for many, many years. Instead of fighting about whether or not women should have the last word on their own bodies, why aren’t we discussing how to prevent abortions in the first place. The answer is that the camp against abortions aren’t really trying to reduce abortion. They are only in it to control women. This idea that making abortion illegal will stop abortions from happening is completely ridiculous. You just put women’s health and human rights at risk.

First of all, the reasons why people have abortions is none of our business. Abortion is sometimes medically necessary, and women will have abortions whether they are safe and legal or not. If you want to reduce and prevent abortions, there are many keys methods. Prevention is much better than the cure.

Making sure everyone has access to healthcare and family planning services. Let’s make sure that young parents have access to quality early childhood support services.

Proper sexual education in school that is not guided by the bible. There is no reason why we shouldn’t have the best education available.

If you want to stop abortion, you need to prevent unwanted pregnancies. To do this women and men need easy access to birth control. For example, condoms are readily available at all hours. There are multiple choices. They are relatively inexpensive and don’t require a medical prescription. Why can’t we have this for all contraception?

You are a men and you are done having kids or don’t want them at all? Then think about getting a vasectomy.

We also need better birth control. There are a ton of side effects to most birth control. There was an oral contraception created for men, but it was refused because it had side effect. Yet, women are expected to deal with them without complain.

No law should be made which has anything to do with any religious beliefs. Law and religion should never be allowed to be together.


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