I am exhausted

I am exhausted. My body sleeps, but my soul doesn’t find rest. Emotional exhaustion is no joke.

In this day in age, we rarely have free time to devote to ourselves, to relax, to put our brain at rest and to think of nothing. There is always work, children, relationships, the home, health and finances. All of these factors needs energy.

Thus, we gets used to being always active, to perform a thousand tasks to try to satisfy everyone. Inevitably, the list of priorities tends to neglect ourselves.

However, this attitude degenerates in the long term, compromising our emotional health. It is important not to repress our needs, our feelings. If a you aren’t well, your work, children, relationships, house, health and finances will also suffer. It is important to be aware of it, and to intervene, we must first learn to recognize the signs of our own emotional fatigue.

How to recognise mental fatigue?

  • You always feel a sense of physical and mental exhaustion and are unable to support even a simple physical exercise. You sleep all the time and you still feel exhausted.
  • You have nightmares on a regular basis.
  • If someone asks you for advice and you do not know what to say because you do not even know how you feel or you are too overwhelmed with your own problems.
  • Nothing seem to make you happy anymore.

If that’s how you feel, you should admit that there is a problem to be solved. Please do not shut up, but open up to your partner, your family, or a professional. The key is to re-dedicate time and attention to yourself. Sometimes the issue that is draining you may be ongoing, take step to take care of what you can control and take care of yourself so you can deal with you is out of your control.


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