The abortion pill

Difficult access to the abortion pill in Quebec compared to elsewhere in Canada. While in British Columbia, 40% of women who obtained abortions took advantage of the abortion pill in the first 18 months following the introduction of the drug, in Quebec, this proportion was only 9% after the first year, reveals a report released Friday by researchers from Laval University. There is still in Quebec a lot of work to do to make access to medical abortion easy and fair. I’m not surprise by the results of this research as Quebec always seem slower on the uptake of everything.

Let’s never forget that it only takes one political, economic or religious crisis for women’s rights to be challenged. These rights are never acquired. You will have to stay alert for life. I had this very conversation with my brother yesterday and he’s convinced that I’m making it all up. That there is no such issues in Canada. Funny how some fail to see what is happening right under our noses.

In general, Quebec evolves in a society favorable to the accessibility of abortion services, despite the persistence of some anti-choice influences. Let’s hope it keeps going this way.

The problem is that the red tape is confusing and exaggerated and do not allow doctors, especially those practicing outside abortion clinics, to easily introduce the abortion pill into their practice,

The requirements of the Quebec College of Physicians for the required training were considered as not being adapted to the needs, availability and preferences of physicians. These standards did not follow the evolution of social acceptance of access to abortion services, nor the progressive liberalization of abortion, nor the evolution of medical practices and medical training, nor scientific data. In other words, our schools don’t adapt as quickly as our society is evolving.


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