What if we truly had freedom of choice?

October is abortion awareness month. What if we truly had freedom of choice?

Some people are comfortable after deciding to have an abortion, but most have a lot of difficulty. Why?

In three years, the number of anti-choice centres has doubled in Quebec.

Many anti-choice discourage abortion and push women towards adoption instead saying that you could have the same quality of life, but with the joy of knowing that you helped a family. This sounds logical, but the truth is, that many children live their entire life in the “system” without ever finding a loving family. This goes without mentioning abuse, violence, etc. that many of these children will experience.

“After nine foster homes, what does a child have to smile about?” – Jackie Maurice, Métis, Sixties Scoop Survivor

dreadlocks-1169010_1920While claiming to offer neutral advice, some anti-choice organizations use manipulation and deception to convince those who consult them not to resort to abortion.The position of these groups is very problematic and the information they disseminate is misleading and inaccurate.The goal is to generate a sense of fear that is strong enough for women to choose on their own not to have an abortion. Misinformation and manipulation of women in a situation that is often very difficult to experience.

The truth is that legal abortion saves lives.

Reproductive coercion is a type of abuse in which someone else controls your reproductive choices, such as deciding whether you can use contraception, choose to become pregnant or continue with a pregnancy.

“If everyone, including a fetus, has equal rights, then no one, including a fetus, has the right to use another person’s body for anything, including survival without that person’s consent.” – Unknown

We also fight for reproductive rights, because women should not be slaves to their biology. They should have the freedom to live lives that are fulfilling to us, just as men can.

To treat women considering abortion as murderers is downright defamatory. To have an abortion is not to kill a child, which the law has stipulated for 30 years now.

Just a reminder, that having abortion rights doesn’t mean that you are forced to have one.

On this day 16 years ago I had my first miscarriage. Some people mix abortion and miscarriage. They are different, but neither should be something women are made to be ashamed about.


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  1. My condolences regarding your miscarriage. I agree women have the right to choose. If a woman gets pregnant and is forced to carry a child she doesn’t want, she may resent that child which puts them at risk of experiencing abuse. Being reminded that you are unwanted can lead to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. My parents were both babies unwanted. They suffer from anxiety and depression due to this. My paternal grandmother attempted to abort my dad but went to an unreliable abortion clinic.

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