This blogger has dyslexia

October 4th is dyslexia awareness day. This blogger has dyslexia, so this is an issue close to my heart.

You are born with this learning disability. Although, in my time (yes, I am that old), it wasn’t has recognized as it is now. I made it all the way to university before I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Even now, being officially diagnosed with dyslexia can be very expensive if you do not have the help of the school system. The test is $1,000 approx. Not every family can afford private testing.

Growing up with dyslexia can make you feel stupid, especially if you don’t know or understand that it’s a learning disability and it has nothing to do with intelligence. Support is super important, because living with a learning disability can destroy someone’s dreams. It doesn’t have to be that way.

“Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” – Brad Takei

This blogger has dyslexia. My blog is currently more of a hobby (although I wish it was more) and we live with limited funds, I am therefore using a lot of the free versions or cheaper version of tools I dream owning one day. One application that I am currently using (free version only) is Grammarly.

I love this tool. As a person with dyslexia and whose first language isn’t English, Grammarly helps me a lot. I would love to use the full version of the program and kick my language and writing skills up a notch. I see this tool as worth the investment when you are serious about blogging and can afford to pay the fee.

“A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list.” – Unknown

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