Destiny is uncertain

What must happen will happen. Every thing happens in its time. We do not control over everything. Destiny is uncertain. Sometimes, the winds simply do not blow in our favor, and despite our efforts, we fail to see reality in the face.

It is said that the most beautiful things that can happen to us are not foreseen; they just happen out of the blue. Destiny is uncertain.

So it’s better to leave time do it’s thing. We simply don’t control everything and trying only makes us more stress and anxious. It makes us exhausted.

When we let go of the things that we cannot control, a wide range of possibilities opens up to us, allowing us to enjoy life from a different perspective. It gets easier to take care of our well-being.

As you surely know, we are the product of our circumstances and our desires. However, sometimes, all of this is not compatible. Our circumstances might not match our desires. It is not always easy to digest the circumstances that are imposed on us. Therefore, it generates anxieties in us that distress us.

Of course, it seems obvious that one should not worry about problems that can not be solved, but it is sometimes impossible to let oneself be carried away by events and keep calm. I know I struggle a lot with letting go of what is out of my control. For example, if something out of my control makes me late, I tend to become physically ill.

The lesson that can be learned from all this is to accept that some things are beyond our control. It’s to accept that sometimes the best thing to do is let life do it and accept the circumstances, whatever they may be.


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