Money is important, but mental health is much more

Money is important, but mental health is much more.

Every day, our thoughts are filled with questions about what we are going to eat, how we are going to dress and how we are going to pay our bills or the next installment of the mortgage or rent. All of these questions raise the level of stress and stress that we unfortunately can not ignore. It affects our mental health.

On the other hand, without money, we can not live and it is precisely the result of our work that allows us to move forward and to have the life we ​​have.

Of course, we are not all identical and in addition to those who are forced to work hard to improve their quality of life, there are also those who feel permanently dissatisfied and tend to want to always aim higher, by working two times harder. Doing more is not always a bad thing, because it pushes us to go beyond our limits, often with extraordinary results.

We must be cautious and avoid finding ourselves in a claustrophobic situation, in which we stop working to live and start living to work.

Often, we spend our entire lives working and spending most of our time in businesses that are not even ours, but that are an integral part of our lives. In such a context, it is very easy not to be able to take time for yourself and cultivate your passions, which feeds a vicious circle that continues to poison our lives.

Chronic fatigue, stress, eating disorders and difficulties in maintaining a stable relationship are all consequences of an exhausting work routine that leaves no room for us to live.

Still, we are in desperate need of recreational activities such as going to the movies or a concert, or simply hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, you can’t do any of this without money. It’s a never ending cycle.


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