Genocide is still happening

Genocide is still happening and it’s unacceptable.

Y’all swear we live in a “sensitive” era. No, we live in an era of ACCOUNTABILITY. You’re now seeing the era of people who are looking to break generational cycles and curses and realize that most of the problematic shit we’ve let ride in the past wasn’t OK and won’t be OK!


In the United States, imprisoning children and families in unhygienic camps, and then neglecting their medical needs is an obvious recipe for disaster. The children and families detained are not being vaccinated. Too many have died of the flu already. Medical neglect is a tactic for genocide.

In Canada, 0.98 out of 100,000 women are victims of femicide. For Aboriginal women only, this rate increases to 4.82 (Statistics Canada, 2017).

Genocide is still happening. When are emergency measures to respond to these rates more than alarming?


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