A child with special needs

Some challenges are more difficult than others. Having a child with special needs is a big lesson in life. For all those parents who have to face the announcement of a diagnosis, know that you are not alone. Between 5 and 8% of parents share this reality.

As a parent, it’s tempting to try to “fix” your children’s moods, but that’s not our job. We are only responsible for regulating our own emotions. We need to give our children space to do the same.


We need to provide needs-based, inclusive and accessible educational accommodations for all students with disabilities, including students with invisible disabilities.

When there is professional and familial documentation about a student’s needs and a school ignores recommendations, a student can struggle academically, socially, physically and emotionally. These struggles increase risk factors for a number of issues, including suicide.

Our children deserve this, or we are failing them before they ever have a chance.


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