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RAI treatment – Personal Experience

Graves' disease is an incurable autoimmune disease that leads to the overactivity of the thyroid gland, which is called hyperthyroidism. Graves' disease can also cause mental illness such as depression and anxiety. It did with me. I was first treated with... Continue Reading →

Knowledge is Power

When you plate your life in the hands of a doctor, you want the most competent one that you can get. Doctors may be very knowledgeable in their fields, but they can't know everything about every single illness. Doctors just... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Office Politics, Jealousy & Rumours when fighting Chronic Illness

I'm extremely lucky and grateful that the president of the company I work for understand what it is like to live with a chronic illness and has been incredible through my journey so far. If you are struggling with a management... Continue Reading →

Dealing with new limitation

I hate the new limits that I have to deal with since my chronic illness has progressed. I work in computer support, but I can no longer crawl under desks to work with cables or move screen holders or carry... Continue Reading →

Morning Pep Talk

When waking up in the morning, remember how precious is the privilege to live, to breathe. I can't always walk, I can't always sing, I don't have perfect health, but I am still grateful for every day that I get with... Continue Reading →

Moment of Self-Discovery

How do I feel at the moment? I'm tired. In physical pain. My thyroid is dying and wrecking havoc inside me as it slowly gives up. If that's not enough, I just started my period. I have zero energy to... Continue Reading →

Don’t silence Chronic Illness Sufferers

I am so grateful for this blog that has permitted me to write and learn about my illness and many other subjects in my life. I am so grateful for social media sites that allow people from everywhere around the... Continue Reading →

Moving Day & Chronic Illness

We started packing early. We knew we had a lot to do and that not only we were moving in mid-June, but we were getting married at the end of May. We didn't want to be rushing to pack and... Continue Reading →

The Business of Health

You truly realize how much our society is built on capitalism when you see stories about medicine cost going up exponentially making them only available to the wealthy. Medication has been invented that completely cures certain illness, but you can't... Continue Reading →

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