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I’m a blogger. I write about many different subjects, but this category is reserved to blog posts about the art of blogging.

It’s okay to disagree

I have personally noticed that many people who disagree with another person online, whether it's a blog, a post, a comment, love to tell the person to shut up or/and to put them down as human beings, but why? Why... Continue Reading →

National Book Lovers Day

Today marks National Book Lovers Day in the United States. Again, this is a special day that I think should be celebrated worldwide. Reading is such an important skills for many obvious reasons. For one, you wouldn't be able to... Continue Reading →

Why blogging was right for me

There are numerous reasons why blogging was right for me. Introvert Always been more comfortable expressing my ideas and emotions in the written form. Introvert need to think about what they are going to say and it's not always easy... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Blog Articles (June 2017)

Revisiting the top 10 blogs from June 2017: 1st Place: Believe in your dreams "When we are young, we are often told that everything is possible with a tiny bit of will in life. As we grow up, we hit several walls... Continue Reading →

Juggling Multiple Jobs

Multiplying professional activities by financial necessity is not new. Not everyone juggles more than one professional activity for financial gain. Some want to devote time to their passions while working. Others want to put their experience at the service of several... Continue Reading →

Believe in your dreams

When we are young, we are often told that everything is possible with a tiny bit of will in life. As we grow up, we hit several walls along the way and we begin to realise that it is much... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Blogs (May 2017)

Revisiting the top 10 blogs from May 2017: 1st Place: Introverts & Birthday Wishes "Most introverts are okay with quietly honouring our birthday on our own or with a group of friends we’ve carefully selected. We don’t have to let... Continue Reading →

Online Harassment

The minute you put yourself in the public eye, you will be on the receiving end of online harassment. The nature of the harassment can become incredibly violent and serious. There needs to be stronger laws and regulation clamping down... Continue Reading →

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