Under the microscope

Since my return from sick leave, I have been putting great effort into my work performance. I am also doing everything that is within my power to keep my health as good as it can be. Part of both, is my approach to life in general and trying to keep a positive spin or outlook.... Continue Reading →

More productive at home

It is an unfortunate truth, but some days I am more productive at home than at the office. If I am having a rough day due to my chronic illness, it is much easier on me to stay home in comfortable clothing with my laptop to work. My work desk at home is only steps... Continue Reading →

An endless battle

Sometimes it feels like we are fighting an endless battle. My husband and I both have good jobs and yet we still find ourselves in the "red". I feel sick to my stomach when I think about those who are as lucky as us. It is much harder now than it was when my parents... Continue Reading →

Chronic illnesses affect productivity

Chronic illnesses affect productivity. We find ourselves constantly frustrated by trying to live in a 'healthy person’s' world, knowing that we are not functioning on the same level as everyone around us. The fact that we remember how much we used to be able to achieve in a day, doesn't help. Dealing with multiple chronic... Continue Reading →

Lying Politicians hurt our democracy

Politicians hurt our democracy. It's why so many of us feel that voting is useless. We've lost trust that the person we choose is really the person they are showing in public and that they'll do they promised to do. I mean, there are even sites ranking politician according to the worst liar. We acknowledge... Continue Reading →

Governments needs to be more transparent

I've said it before and I will say it again. Governments need to be more transparent. They were put in place by the people for the people, so their shouldn't be any secrecy. Close door meetings aren't for the public good. Controlling information is never a good or ethical plan. Government transparency is a must.... Continue Reading →

Why a living wage is important

Even today, millions of full-time workers struggle to cover the cost of housing, food, health care, childcare and other basic necessities for themselves and their families. I'm not at the minimum wage and I still struggle financially, so I can't imagine how it would be to survive with a lower wage. Each day the working... Continue Reading →

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