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Embrace Change

As part of my day job, I am responsible for new technology and program integration at the office. So you just advise your staff of a change in technology or the arrival of a new program which will affect their workflows.... Continue Reading →

A Society of Absolutes

We are expected and pressured to do our jobs as if we don't have children. We are also expected and pressure to raise our children as if we don't have jobs. The ideal employee is someone who can drop everything... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Office Politics, Jealousy & Rumours when fighting Chronic Illness

I'm extremely lucky and grateful that the president of the company I work for understand what it is like to live with a chronic illness and has been incredible through my journey so far. If you are struggling with a management... Continue Reading →

Farming Industry in Danger

The pride of many farmers is first and foremost the feeling of continuing the work begun by their ancestors. Some are working on the family farm that is more than 10 generation owned. Most of our farms are small and... Continue Reading →

Juggling Multiple Jobs

Multiplying professional activities by financial necessity is not new. Not everyone juggles more than one professional activity for financial gain. Some want to devote time to their passions while working. Others want to put their experience at the service of several... Continue Reading →

Vacation Days With Chronic Illness

Planning or taking vacation days when you have a chronic illness isn't easy. Having a maximum of 5 sick days in a year is ridiculous when you think about it. As someone with health issues, I'm lucky if I have... Continue Reading →

Medications are created for young men

Before authorising any new drug for public consumption, these must go through many steps. When researchers develop new drugs, the first tests are called pre-clinical studies. Often this starts with a positive result on a cell, tissue samples, then test... Continue Reading →

Moment of Self-Discovery

How do I feel at the moment? I'm tired. In physical pain. My thyroid is dying and wrecking havoc inside me as it slowly gives up. If that's not enough, I just started my period. I have zero energy to... Continue Reading →

Men and Women in the Workplace – Who’s more emotional?

I had two situation last week where computers unexpectedly died and had to be replaced. The differences of how people reacted wasn't a surprise to me, as I had seen it before, but it made me take a moment to... Continue Reading →

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