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Flexible Hours – Dream or Nightmare?

One thing that I enjoy at my workplace is the lunchtime discussion. During one of these talk sessions, we began to discuss flexible hours and it turns out it isn't as clear cut as we originally thought. Inspired, I did a... Continue Reading →

Going Nuclear

I have Graves Disease, which is an incurable autoimmune illness. The Graves Disease caused my body to develop Hyperthyroidism.  This part is treatable by either killing or removing the thyroid. I have been taking medication to calm the hyperthyroidism for... Continue Reading →

Why would anyone continue to support Bombardier?

Philippe Couillard, Quebec's Prime Minister, is asking that Quebecers continue to love and support Bombardier. Has he seriously lost his mind?  The sheer brazenness of it all is stunning. He truly takes Quebec citizens for idiots. Bombardier is a business in financial trouble. Back... Continue Reading →

Salary Transparency

I agree with the idea of salary transparency and this includes amounts of vacation and any other bonuses that an employee gets. I believe that the only thing gained by secrecy is inequalities, favouritism and discrimination. We have to break... Continue Reading →

Not insurable

As you might already know, my fiancé and I are in the process of purchasing a home. As part of the process we met with a life insurance broker. The idea was to get a life term policy to cover... Continue Reading →

Buying a house? Use a Financial Adviser

Spring is arriving soon (hopefully!) and the house sales and purchases will go up. With the change of weather comes a need for renewal and change in our lives, which is why so many will find new homes or new... Continue Reading →

From Printers to Countries – How people view the world

I just saw the problem of the world explained through an office mentality. The office has a couple of departments. Each department have a manager and a few employees spread over the office. (Now, imagine that the departments represents countries... Continue Reading →

Discrimination through Robotics

Sexism affect everyone including little girls who are choosing their career paths. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to go into robotics. I wanted to be the first person to create "Astro Boy" in real life. I thought... Continue Reading →

Beauty Magazines are laughing at us

Beauty magazines are filled with much more advertising pages than with actual content. There is very little substance to those type of magazine and yet, they make so much money. They have companies paying them to put ads in their... Continue Reading →

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