Where are the icebreakers?

Last January, after an ice storm, Mayor Valérie Plante announced the acquisition of these rotary icebreakers worth nearly $ 20,000 each. She explained that because of climate change, we will be increasingly confronted with this phenomenon. We must adapt our armada. I fully agree with this decision, but why haven't we seen them at work... Continue Reading →

Capitalism Rules

We live in a developed country where capitalism rules. We feel free, but is it really freedom if you cannot question or criticize the company you work for the same way you can when it comes to politics? "We think we have an open society because we can criticize our government, but the company we... Continue Reading →

Why appreciation is so important

Appreciation feeds happiness. It highlights and gives value to what matters in our life. The more you appreciate, the more you’ll find things to be appreciative. If you are an employer, a manager, or a supervisor, give feedback that not only improves their work but encourages them. If they do a good job let them... Continue Reading →

Home Business

Today, more and more people are starting their own home business. There is a lot of positive reasons to plan and start your own company. Often the dream of being your own boss starts as a sideline to their regular full-time occupation. Creating your own business can be exciting and scary. There is so much... Continue Reading →

The importance of free press

Our government has been on an ongoing conflict between the its attempts to strengthen and protect itself and the press’s attempts to scrutinize and report on the government. Free press plays a vital role in informing citizens about public affairs and monitoring the actions of governments at all levels. "No government ought to be free... Continue Reading →

Burnout work culture

We currently live in a burnout work culture. While our bodies are fully equipped to cope with short-term stress, they don’t react well to constant stress. The trouble is, when we’re constantly bombarded with things that make our body activate its stress-response system, things often go haywire. Experiencing a burnout can have a lasting impact... Continue Reading →

She’s not fighting back

If she's not fighting back, there's a few questions you should be asking yourself. Whether it's a romantic relationship or at work, when she checks out, she stops caring. That means there is something seriously wrong. Her partner or her work starts to matter less to her. At first you may not notice a decline,... Continue Reading →

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