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Best Camping Experience

I’m really an outdoorsy girl. I love to go camping during all four seasons and when I say that I love camping, I mean the tent is optional kind of camping. I feel at home when “roughing it”.  I’m totally... Continue Reading →

Online Dating – Be Ready

Online dating can indeed be successful, but you must be ready for the amount of ridiculousness you will come across. I met over coffee a man's who was nothing like the profile or picture he had put online. He was... Continue Reading →


Earlier this year, Donald Trump uses Pocahontas as his insult of choice for Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Calling woman with native roots Pocahontas is racist, misogynistic, and dehumanising. It is amazing to me when I meet anyone not understanding what is... Continue Reading →

Empathy – A lost art?

"Why should I help anyone but myself?" This is a question that I hear more and more. I am starting to think that we have become so self-involved that we have lost the ability to empathise. We have politicians and voters... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day

I want tell my father thank you for being a wonderful father. For showing me LEGOs and the world science fiction, video games and for driving lessons (both tractors and cars).  Thank you for driving me at all the activities... Continue Reading →

She’s heavier than her boyfriend, so what?

I've seen a couple of articles lately that seem to shock people because the women in the couple are heavier than her male counterpart. In every article that I saw, the difference in corpulence between the two was visible, but what... Continue Reading →

Rape is Rape – No additional classification needed

Trigger Warning: Discussion of discrimination, rape, violence  There are many different situations in which rape can happen, that doesn't mean that one rape is worst or better than the other. Sexual abuse is never okay. The justice system cannot be... Continue Reading →

Montreal Festivals Security Review

Back in November 2016, the City of Montreal mandated the Council of Montreal to study the issue of women's safety at festivals in its territory. The City of Montreal was hoping to show that Montreal Festivals are fun and safe for... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Best Friends

Today marks National Best Friend Day in the United States. I believe this day should be a worldwide day. I have been blessed to have a wonderful best friend for almost 30 years. Best friends don't care if your house... Continue Reading →

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