Is tourism killing the environment?

Most people like to travel and go on vacation. I know I do, although I rarely get to do so because it's also expensive. There are 1 billion tourist that visit other countries in the world every year. In this age of mass tourism, when more of us than ever are leaving home for more... Continue Reading →


Disasters in Canada on the rise

Did you know the average number of disasters in Canada has doubled in the past three decades? Theses disasters impact people. 63% of Canadians surveyed reported having experienced some form of disaster or emergency. We need leaders who believe in science and are dedicated to protecting both human health and our environment. Disaster can happen... Continue Reading →

Bumblebees are dying

Habitat losses of many bumblebee species from climate change are about to accelerate. If we leave climate change out of control, the appearance of this planet's vegetation will be totally different from what it is today. Bumblebees can pollinate flowering plants for much of the year. They frequent forests, mountainous regions, peat bogs, fields and... Continue Reading →

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