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Age Difference In Couples

I was listening to the radio on my way home yesterday. What was being said about Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron and felt quite annoyed that the most discussed topic wasn't politics, but their age difference? As if their personal relationship... Continue Reading →

Research Findings – Let’s Fix the Issue Instead of Continuing to Contribute

Research shows men get ahead from being disagreeable in the workplace and women don't. This result doesn't come as a surprise to many of us who are already aware of the double standards present in our place of work. “If... Continue Reading →

I do it for me

There are some people who believe that women wear high heels to show off our butts for men to enjoy, that we paint our faces to look prettier for men, that we lure men with scents or/and we change our... Continue Reading →

Addressing the question of sex work & human rights

Trigger Warning: Discussion of discrimination, domestic violence, rape, slavery,  violence  I have heard many activist stating that to be “pro-sex work” supporting human rights. I personally do not feel that being "pro-sex work" is the proper human rights approach. The reason why... Continue Reading →

Why we need to safe places for male chronic illness sufferers

I didn't think I would be mentioning sexism when talking about illnesses, but it recently came to light that men have a harder time talking about chronic illness because they are constantly told that they are not allowed to talk... Continue Reading →

My body, My Choice

We are in the 21st century.  The freedom to dress as one wishes without receiving criticism from unknown people should be ingrained into society. It sounds so basic: my body, my choice. What is so difficult to understand?  Every choice... Continue Reading →

Why feminism disturbs

Love comes naturally to all human beings. Hatred is learned through education, parenting, friends, etc. I understand that Feminism can be a scary word for some people, especially when hearing some of the false allegations going around. There is a... Continue Reading →

Speaking with Passion

It almost never fails, every time a woman stands up and delivers a passionate speech or argument, there is always someone who will reduce her words to "hysterics". When women speak up, they are called many things: feisty, bossy, emotional, hormonal, irrational, chatty, ball-buster, hysterical,  dramatic, nag, shrew, crazy, over-sensitive,... Continue Reading →

Why “Just Say No” doesn’t work

I google a "woman says no" and the entire first page of search results was all about how "no" means "yes". When a woman tells you no, that is the end of the conversation. It does not continue. You don't... Continue Reading →

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