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Why crime go unreported?

Trigger Warning: Discussion of rape, sexual violence People often asks why rape goes unreported. I am more surprise that any are reported at all when we see high profile cases where even a wealthy white successful woman cannot get justice. Her... Continue Reading →

Avoiding Rape Isn’t the Solution

I'm really fed up with women being taught to avoid getting raped instead of men being taught not to rape. I know that it's coming from a place of concern, but what we are doing is slowly taking away the... Continue Reading →

I was joking

Trigger Warning: Discussion of discrimination, domestic violence, murder, rape, violence, vocal abuse Humour has become a socially acceptable vehicle for expressing discrimination. Under the guise of humour, one returns to inadmissible impudent and prejudicial clichés. In some cases, it's denigrating "humour"... Continue Reading →

Freedom isn’t a guarantee

We all get comfortable in our freedoms, assuming we’ll never have to defend them. However,  these freedoms can be ripped away in the blink of the eye, in the change of governmental power, and on the whims of a select... Continue Reading →

White Male Anger in Canada?

I read a lot of blogs, articles, newspapers, books, etc. I see a lot of white male supremacist who are obviously angered by the idea of female equality and lash out as often as they can, both online and through real world... Continue Reading →


It is in my opinion that there should be no more obstruction to sterilisation in a woman than in a man. Men can get sterilisation at will, but women are not accorded the same luxury. In my early 20s, I... Continue Reading →

Assumptions – It really does make an ass of you and me

Assumptions happen every day. Even when we can see a situation unfold in front of our eyes, we still apply a filter of assumptions as dictated by society. These biases are so ingrained that we don't even realise we have them.... Continue Reading →

Creepy Father-Daughter Trends

Daddy-Daughter Dates First of all, fathers' don't need dates to have quality time with their daughters. Fathers, like mothers, can help with homework, teach children how to ride a bike, play sports, etc. Fathers' role includes advocating for our daughters at... Continue Reading →

Idiots Among Us – Why Education Matters

Trigger Warning: Discussion of discrimination, domestic violence, rape, stupidity, violence  This is a gathering of online comments that I simply couldn't ignore. I just had to placed them all together in one blog to show that the lack of understanding... Continue Reading →

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