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Arrival – Movie Review

Arrival isn't your usual action pack science fiction movie. It stand apart and I appreciated that. As a movie watcher, I enjoy having a variety of movie to watch, instead of watching the same "winning" formula repeated movie after movie.... Continue Reading →

It’s just a show

Actress, Anna Gunn, who plays Shyler White on Breaking Bad, received death threats because of what his character did on the television show forcing her to take security measures. Actor, Brenock O'Connor, who plays a Olly on the Game of... Continue Reading →


We went to see the Marvel movie Deadpool at the opening last year and have since then purchase the movie for home viewing. I personally loved this movie. Let it be known that this movie isn't for kids. The movie... Continue Reading →

International Safer Internet Day

The Internet has been an amazing invention that has changed the way we connect and get information. Unfortunately there is also a bravery behind the keyboard that brings out comments that would never be said face to face to a... Continue Reading →

Must Watch – One Day at a Time

Netflix created a new American sitcom named One Day at a Time which is a must watch as far as I'm concern. It's like nothing I've never seen before. I'm usually not a big fan of sitcoms, but I had... Continue Reading →

Must Read: Celebrating the Rise of Superwomen — Discover

Carolyn Cocca on women superheroes and contemporary femininity: “But diversity, authenticity, and complexity in storytelling and characterization engender tolerance and empathy by showing us that anybody can be a hero.” via Celebrating the Rise of Superwomen — Discover I encourage everyone... Continue Reading →

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