Pontiac, war leader

Pontiac was born in 1720 and died in 1769. He is best known for resisting the British occupation of the Great Lakes Region of North America. By the time he was 27 year old, he had become a respected war leader. The Pontiac's War began on May 7th, 1763. Pontiac was 43 years old at... Continue Reading →

Leonardo da Vinci

April 15th marks a great man's birthday. Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 and passed away in 1519. Da Vinci invented so many things that wouldn't be realized until hundreds of years later, such as the parachute and helicopter. He was a great inventor. To say he was ahead of his time would be... Continue Reading →

Human Space Flight

April 12th is the International Day of Human Space Flight. Over 200 astronauts have stepped into the vacuum of space over the years. Yuri Gagarin, a Russian astronaut, was the first man in space on April 12th 1961. He made an hour and 48 minutes orbital flight in the Vostok 1 spacecraft. Can you imagine... Continue Reading →

Lying Politicians hurt our democracy

Politicians hurt our democracy. It's why so many of us feel that voting is useless. We've lost trust that the person we choose is really the person they are showing in public and that they'll do they promised to do. I mean, there are even sites ranking politician according to the worst liar. We acknowledge... Continue Reading →

Talking about religion

Talking about religion rarely goes well. One thing I have realized as someone without a religion, but who has study many of them, is that people I meet who want to discuss their religion with me often don't want me to discuss your religion with them. Most people are happy to talk about their religion... Continue Reading →

Is Jerry Seinfeld a pedophile?

In 1993, Jerry Seinfeld picked up a high school student in a public park. He was 39 and she was 17. This is even stated as a fact in his personal life facts as if there was nothing wrong with it.  If this doesn't qualify has paedophilia, I don't know what does. What surprises me... Continue Reading →

Surprising Fairy Tale Facts

February 26th is tell a Fairy Tale Day. This is an unofficial holiday that encourages parents to read fairy tales from around the world to their children. As long as there have been fairy tales there have been adaptations. I though it would be the perfect time to share some interesting fairy tale facts: Hansel... Continue Reading →

Why it’s cultural appropriation

There is a lot of debate online and offline about what cultural appropriation means and how it applies. One example from my own cultural background makes it really clear to me why it's cultural appropriation. For Native Americans, each feather of a headdress is awarded for a specific honour. That's why the length of the... Continue Reading →

Is Luc Besson a pedophile?

In 1991, movie director Luc Besson, who was then 32 years old, met and eventually married model Maïwenn Le Besco when she was only 15. If this isn't child marriage and paedophilia, I don't know what is. My oldest step-child is 15 and I wouldn't let her get married no matter how in love she... Continue Reading →

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