Is your heat / cooling pump making you sick?

If they are poorly maintained, heat / cooling pumps will become incubators for bacteria which can make your entire family sick. Individuals suffering from asthma are especially at risk. Most homeowners don't know this, but it is recommended that heat/cooling pumps be cleaned once a year. Most manufacturers' manual does talk about the importance of cleaning and maintaining... Continue Reading →


Life is a series of moments

Life is a series of moments, a series of transitions. It can sometimes feel like an emotional roller coaster especially when these changes are all happening at once or in a small amount of time. April 2017 - Renters to Homeowners  Buying our first home was a monumental step, one that is still feeling a... Continue Reading →

Dreaming of a tiny house?

Are you dreaming of a tiny house? I love watching television about tiny houses. I especially love the space saving ideas. In another lifetime, I would have loved to live in a tiny house. Unfortunately, I don't see it as possible with a family of 5 and disabilities. The tiny house movement is growing but... Continue Reading →

Our First Home – Moving Day

Looking back, today was a good day. No, today was a great day. Today was a day we started a new chapter in our lives. It didn't go as smoothly as we would have liked. Nothing ever does. The movers showed up late, drank on the job, broke furniture and refused to go back for... Continue Reading →

Home Buyer Plan – Skip the confusion

Home Buyer Plan - Skip the confusion I've decided to write about my experience with the home buyers plan in the hopes to give additional information to anyone who will soon be requesting their retirement plan to transfer into a home buyers plan and hopefully cut some of the confusion out of the process. First... Continue Reading →

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