Legal doesn’t equal Justice

The law is not a compass for what’s morally right. It wasn’t that long ago the law supported slavery, rape-marriage, and child labor. There are still many laws that shouldn’t exist anymore, that still go against basic human rights. For example, Forced child marriage is still legal in Canada. "Colonialism was legal. Slavery was legal.... Continue Reading →


World Refugee Day

June 20th is World Refugee Day. This year I find it's more important than ever to discuss this subject. With the horrors that is happening so close to home and the grumble about refugees locally. It's important to understand that with global warming, war, discrimination, unress and overpopulation, there will be more and more families... Continue Reading →

Sexual Violence in Conflict

June 19th is the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict. Violence against women, there is really more than we think. Women are often targeted in conflict. To get out of this is so much more difficult than you think. Even for those who succeed, there are also nightmares at night and... Continue Reading →

Lacking justice

The courts have too often been unable to convince citizens that justice can be done on sexual and hate crimes charges. The spirit of condemnation in Quebec is marked by reluctance to punish. Rehabilitation, a sacred word, remains the theoretical goal of our punitive system. Yet convicts often become repeat offenders. It amazes me how... Continue Reading →

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. 1 in 6 older adults has been abused in the past year. Women are at greater risk of experiencing elder abuse from a family member, accounting for 60% of senior survivors of family violence. Abuse comes in many forms: A carer has been caught on camera slapping... Continue Reading →

International Albinism Awareness Day

June 13th is the International Albinism Awareness Day. Albinism is a gene that can be found both in animals and in human beings.  It's a gene and it's hereditary. It's a lack of pigment in hair, skin and eyes. You also get nystagmus which is constant movement of the eyes, similar to a tremor. Children... Continue Reading →

Stop associating violent crime to mental health problems.

Committing violent crime is absolutely not synonymous with mental health problems. It is extremely problematic and stigmatizing to constantly shout out mental illness as soon as a murder, an attack or any crime is committed. The entire society, the politicians and the media do almost all the time the link between health conditions and reprehensible... Continue Reading →

Forced Child Marriages

I can't believe that forced child marriages are still legal in many places included North America. When a girl is forced into marriage, her rights are violated. The legal minimum age of marriage in Canada is 16 years, according to the 2005 Civil Marriage Act and the 2015 Criminal Code. What we need to understand... Continue Reading →

First Nation People

Racism is real and alive in North America. Indigenous people (Native Americans, Métis and Inuits) are by far the least supported ethnic group in North America, we are are North American. Everyone living here should understand that America has what it has because it stole land from indigenous people. Everyone else is on their turf,... Continue Reading →

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