An endless battle

Sometimes it feels like we are fighting an endless battle. My husband and I both have good jobs and yet we still find ourselves in the "red". I feel sick to my stomach when I think about those who are as lucky as us. It is much harder now than it was when my parents... Continue Reading →

Why stay silent?

Why stay silent? Most people say nothing because they're either scared, indifferent or they just don't see it sexism in the first place. It’s dangerous to do the right thing sometimes, but if we don't then the bad people win.  Sometimes with their every vulgar, bitter word from their mouth, they testify to their personal... Continue Reading →

Sexual Exploitation

Undoubtedly, the sexual exploitation of minors is highly reprehensible and we welcome the fact that actions are taken against clients of the sex industry. However, it is important to remember that the sexual exploitation of adult women is just as criminal. When are actions against clients of the sex industry in general? Sexual exploitation starts... Continue Reading →

Nothing justifies rape

Nothing justifies rape. The Irish court has acquitted a 27-year-old man accused of raping a 17-year-old girl after her lawyer convinced the jury that the latter also had responsibilities in her own assault because she was wearing a thong that day . First of all, in order to find out that she had a thong... Continue Reading →

Woody Allen is seriously creepy

In 1997, Woody Allen should have become notorious when he married his step-daughter. Just that thin bit is enough to make him a serious creep. I don't care if she's not blood. That's incest. I am a step-mother. My step-son is just that, a son. Though she was 21 at the time of the wedding,... Continue Reading →

Let’s retire the Victim Blaming trope

I wish the majority of society put the blame the perpetrator instead of resorting to victim blaming. Unfortunately, mentalities do not always evolve as fast as one would like. I am more than tired of seeing rapist get away with the crime. I'm also extremely tired of seeing rapist treated by society as the ones... Continue Reading →

We need stronger laws against pedophiles

Too many news articles lately have proven that we need stronger laws against pedophiles. A 40 year old female educator who had "fallen in love" with an 11-year-old primary school student with whom she exchanged sweltering declarations of love was given a simple slap on the hand, home imprisonment and community work. That is not... Continue Reading →

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