Fighting among ourselves

We need to stop fighting among ourselves. A tactic to defeat your enemy is make it so that they are too busy fighting among themselves to fight the real enemy. Do you find yourself critiquing feminism more than misogyny? "Amazing how most people are more angry at imperfect feminism than they are at systemic misogyny."... Continue Reading →

Wealth is harmful to the economy

Wealth is based on the exploitation of human labor. I am not talking about being wealthy enough to afford a home, a car and pay your bills. I'm talking about the kind of wealth that makes you part of the 1%. That level of wealth is harmful to the economy as it reduces the amount... Continue Reading →

Did you mess up?

Did you mess up? I know that haven't lived the perfect life. I don't know anyone who has. Recently, I'm seeing a lot of people being dragged through the dirt in the court of public opinion. People who rise in popularity fighting to make this world a better place are being attacked for making mistakes... Continue Reading →

Words Matter – Gender Edition

Words Matter - Gender Edition. There has been progress, but much remains to be done and many challenges to overcome for a gender-equal world. August 26th marks women equality day. This is why I decided to write about why words matters when it comes to gender. You can be a firm believer in equality, but... Continue Reading →

We’re much more alike than we think

We're much more alike than we think so why is society‚Äôs first instinct to immediately hide anything that lies remotely outside of the norm? A lot of problems and misunderstanding in the world disappears when we talk to each other instead of about each other. Have you ever stop to wonder if the issue isn't... Continue Reading →

The danger of ignorance

The danger of ignorance. Have you noticed that ignorant individuals are more likely to believe they are brilliant and truly brilliant individuals are more likely to believe their aren't? I swear the biggest source of stress lately is from having to deal with idiots and it feels like they are spreading in epidemic proportion. The... Continue Reading →

Few fashion brands sell large sizes

Many round women (like myself) want to buy fashion brands, but few fashion brands sell large sizes. The most recognized brands are only for thin consumers. Round women often feel marginalized and excluded by the dominant fashion market, which is the market of renowned and reputable fashion brands. These consumers are forced to turn to... Continue Reading →

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