Why the Anti Seal Hunt activist must be careful not to include Inuits in their ban.

I know that I'm vegetarian, but I was raised Métis. So I know the proper way to hunt, respect wild life, prepare the meat and no waste anything. Wild meat that is healthier and taste better than anything you will find in grocery stores. Seal meat is used for food and clothing Inuit families. Families... Continue Reading →


What feminism is not

Some people have strange ideas about what feminism represents. Feminism promotes equality for all human beings, regardless of class, ethnicities, gender and sexual orientation. Some say that feminism promotes rape through immodest dress. Women and men get raped no matter what they are wearing. It has nothing to do with attractiveness or clothing. Feminism has confidence that... Continue Reading →

Plastic Pollution

Water is life. We should all remember this! Plastic is choking our oceans. Plastic products are wreaking havoc on marine and coastal habitats all around the world. The garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean is now three times the size of France. We've all seen images of pollution in our oceans and lakes. Millions of tons... Continue Reading →

You haven’t even begun to fight

Everybody here has the potential to change the world. Each one of us has to get up and actually do something. Let's find the courage not to stay paralyzed in your pain and/or your fear and most of all let's not demotivate others by saying "there's nothing we can do." There is always something we... Continue Reading →

Against Racial Discrimination

March 21st is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Yes, it's a mouthful, but it is so very important. It's a great time for a reminder not to judge people on their looks or assume that you know more about their culture and religion than they do. Empathy plays a central role in... Continue Reading →

French Language Day!

March 20th is French Language Day. I decided to write a post about it since my first language is French. I went to French elementary and high school, then switched to the English schooling system for my higher education. I knew that having two languages opens doors when you are looking for employment and I wanted... Continue Reading →

International Day Without Meat

March 20th is the international day without meat. Proteins are essential to life. They are the building blocks of every cell in our body. Sources of protein are numerous. Why a day without meat?  Meat is expensive. In order to consume them every day, some opt for a meat at a lower price and lower... Continue Reading →

Racism in Canada

A black skin child went missing in Montreal, Quebec, this week. An amber alert was sent out. Most shared the amber alert with heavy hearts for this little boy and his family. Unfortunately, the internet had to have its share of racist individuals who took this opportunity to share their hateful, disgusting comments. I'm heartbroken to... Continue Reading →

Restaurant workers deserve respect

78% of female restaurant workers have been sexually harassed by a customer. I worked a grand total of one day as a waitress in a restaurant. I was 16-years-old. A customer snapped my bra as I was passing by holding a pitcher of beer. Without thinking, I swung around and dump the content of the... Continue Reading →

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