Privilege is real

White privilege is real. Patriarchy is real. Straight privilege is real. Ableism is real. Privilege is not linear, it overlaps and intersects. The "male" portion is absolutely necessary--it does not erase the racial privilege that white women have, it highlights the inherent gendered nature of -all- forms of oppression. The thing about privilege is that it's not... Continue Reading →


What’s most shocking about University

What shocked me the University is the sheer number of female students who were there to find a husband. I couldn't believe that this type of thinking was still striving in society.  I might have been raised to aspire to marriage like many women, but I was never expected to make my life choices always... Continue Reading →

Anything under a living wage is slavery

Every business owner arguing that paying workers a living wage will dramatically affect their personal profits should be absolutely humiliated and ashamed to admit that all this time their profits came from paying people a poverty wage and are effectively finding excuses for slavery. If your business cannot earn enough to pay your employees a living wage... Continue Reading →

Abuse of power & those who cover it up

The fight to eradicate sexual harassment is gaining momentum, but it is a battle that goes back years, even decades. One of the problems is the abuse of power and those who work to cover it up for no other reason than it would hurt them professionally or monetarily. It's not just about the perpetrator/predator, but... Continue Reading →

Multidimensional Human Beings

Some people view a pretty girl or boy and think that there is nothing more to know. That somehow, they're outer beauty is their only value. How many time have someone described a person by saying that she or he has a great character only to have the listener assume that they are ugly. Human... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Magie – The Landlord’s Game

Throughout history, there is plenty of example of men taking credit for women's ideas. In 1904, Elizabeth Magie created a board game called "The Landlord's Game" which she patented the same year. She created the game to show how rent enriches landlords and improving renters. The game was aimed towards children so that they would grow... Continue Reading →

When were you first solicited?

To accept that some women are prostitutes is to accept the idea that all women are prostitutes. It is not surprising that all women are solicited, an extremely serious situation for equality between women and men and women's sense of security on the road. When were you first solicited?  One day when I was 7... Continue Reading →

Racism is very much an issue

I was surprised to realize that quite a few people actually think that racism is a problem that will soon disappear on its own and no effort is required to make it happen. I've been told that most racist people are from the previous generation because they simply didn't know better and the issue will die... Continue Reading →

Do not give in to fear

Trigger Warning: Discussion of death, grief, murder and violence. I'm a strong believer in living in defiance and not giving into fear. So many families have been devastated by the loss of a loved one in the most traumatic way imaginable. Mothers have been killed while waiting to pick up their daughters from a concert... Continue Reading →

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