Voting against Trudeau doesn’t mean voting for Sheer

Voting against Trudeau doesn't mean voting for Sheer. Many people want to vote against Trudeau, and automatically choose the Conservatives, without necessarily knowing the significance of this gesture. Please remember or realize that Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party, is against: Abortion and Reproductive Rights; MARRIAGE between LGBTQIA + people, and therefore, against the... Continue Reading →


Racism in SPVM?

To me there is clear racism in the SPVM. Otherwise, how would you explain that Aboriginal women are 11 times more likely to be arrested by the SPVM? Independent researchers released a report earlier this month showing that the Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM) has arrested seven times more indigenous people in... Continue Reading →

How to be a feminist ally

Have you ever wondered how to be a feminist ally? Feminism is about social justice. It aims for equality between the sexes and emancipation from norms of gender and sexuality. Suffice it to say that it is not enough to call oneself a feminist to be so. One must undoubtedly be wary of such declarative... Continue Reading →

What if we truly had freedom of choice?

October is abortion awareness month. What if we truly had freedom of choice? Some people are comfortable after deciding to have an abortion, but most have a lot of difficulty. Why? In three years, the number of anti-choice centres has doubled in Quebec. Many anti-choice discourage abortion and push women towards adoption instead saying that... Continue Reading →

The abortion pill

Difficult access to the abortion pill in Quebec compared to elsewhere in Canada. While in British Columbia, 40% of women who obtained abortions took advantage of the abortion pill in the first 18 months following the introduction of the drug, in Quebec, this proportion was only 9% after the first year, reveals a report released... Continue Reading →

Victims of violence

70% of women in the world are victims of violence in their lifetime. Gendered violence is a real issue. It a real problem not only elsewhere, but here in Canada. I once dated a guy when I was in college that tried to punch me in the face when I wouldn't entertain the idea of... Continue Reading →

Canadian Women and the right to vote

Canadian Women and the right to vote In 1916, women had earned the vote in Manitoba. Eventually, other provinces extended the vote to women as well. But federal elections were another story. On September 20 1917, Parliament passed the Wartime Elections Act. It allowed women who were British subjects and who were wives, mothers and... Continue Reading →

How to prevent abortions

Abortion is something that has divided people for many, many years. Instead of fighting about whether or not women should have the last word on their own bodies, why aren't we discussing how to prevent abortions in the first place. The answer is that the camp against abortions aren't really trying to reduce abortion. They... Continue Reading →

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