Isn’t access to hygiene a basic human right?

Canada will continue to stand up for the rule of law, democracy and human rights at home and abroad. Talking about human rights, there is one basic human right that is often overlooked because they affect mainly women. The lack of access to feminine hygiene products is not just "elsewhere"; it's happening here, too, in... Continue Reading →


I’m so proud of students today

In Ontario when Ford cancelled the sexual education curriculum student protested demanding the right to a proper education. They care about their education and they are not afraid to stand up for their rights. To cherish knowledge is to know wisdom. Surrounded by chaos, they stay true to their convictions, unafraid to question authority. When... Continue Reading →

Let’s make our world more inclusive

Sign language should be taught in all schools. It should be a part of the curriculum. Did you know there are more than 300 types of sign languages used by millions of people around the world? "Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself." - Robert G. Ingersoll When you meet... Continue Reading →

The Crucifix is a religious symbol

If the Crucifix is not a religious symbol I'd love to know what it represents, I'm thinking that Christ being crucified on the cross is pretty high up there on the religious symbol list. This statement only proves that the policy only serves targets minority groups. It's not about separating religion and government at all.... Continue Reading →

Domestic Violence

The greatest threat women face is from men they know. More than half of female homicide victims were killed in connection to intimate partner violence. The criminal justice system doesn't always recognize that fact. Most women end up in prison if they use a gun to protect themselves from abusive male partners. The cruel reality... Continue Reading →

Women are living human beings

There is such an intensive pressure to correspond to the standards. As if, to be entitled to a strict minimum of respect, women have to at least fit in the mould in terms of appearance, weight and fashion. Women are living human beings. They are not property or dolls to be told what to wear... Continue Reading →

The danger of ignorance

Have you noticed that ignorant individuals are more likely to believe they are brilliant and truly brilliant individuals are more likely to believe their aren't? I swear the biggest source of stress lately is from having to deal with idiots and it feels like they are spreading in epidemic proportion. The truth is that as... Continue Reading →

Birth control is not a luxury.

It amazes me how men holding political power know so little about women's reproductive health. Women deserve more reproductive rights, not fewer. Birth control is basic health care. Birth control allows women to plan their futures, participate in the economy. For some women with health issues like endometriosis, birth control allows them to get through... Continue Reading →

What is rape culture?

We all aspire to live in a prosperous and inclusive society. Unfortunately, the normalization of sexual assault perpetuates rape culture and makes the dream of a prosperous and inclusive society unachievable. Women have been speaking out on social media about rape culture hoping for a change. We are tired of living in a state of... Continue Reading →

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