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All blog posts related to injustice, human rights, race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, etc.

Religion & Government

The following quote is from the United States, but I agree with the meaning behind it. I think that's the intent behind the quote is that we should elect a person to represent all citizens regardless of gender, skin colour, sexual... Continue Reading →

Nellie McClung – Suffragette

October 20th marks Nellie McClung's birthday, which is why I chose to write about her today. She was born in 1873 at Chatsworth, Ontario. Nellie was the daughter of an Irish immigrant father and a Scottish immigrant mother. When her... Continue Reading →

John Wayne isn’t a role model

I have no desire to cater to racists of any kind. That is why I always speak up when someone says they like John Wayne. I personally cannot understand how people can idolise a man who was so incredibly racist... Continue Reading →

Black Lives Matter

Trigger Warning: Discussion of racism, rape, violence To clarify, "Black Lives Matter" doesn't mean that non-black lives don't matter, so let's stop that argument right here. Having privilege is being able to say "I don't need to get involved because... Continue Reading →

Being female doesn’t make you crazy

Women are neither more nor less "crazy" than men and yet, most women have been referred to as "crazy" at some point in their lives. "All women are crazy," is a stereotype that isn't new.  It's a stereotype that was... Continue Reading →

Let’s help local children

We can all do small acts of kindness and generosity that can help someone locally. Let's call our local schools and offer to pay off overdue lunch accounts for children. Kids shouldn't worry whether they can eat or not. Let's... Continue Reading →

Mother Earth & Women

There is a clear connection with the way we treat the earth and the way we treat women. Violence to the Mother is violence to all women....all people. I hope we learn this lesson soon. Mother Earth gave birth to... Continue Reading →

Racism & Terrorism

The United States has seen numerous deadly shootings over the last 25 years. Why is it that when a person of color commits multiple murder, they are immediately assumed and presented as a terrorist on our media, but when it's... Continue Reading →

Idiots among us are proving why education matters

Trigger Warning: Discussion of discrimination, domestic violence, rape, stupidity, violence  This is a gathering of online comments that I simply couldn’t ignore. I just had to placed them all together in one blog to show that the lack of understanding and education is a real problem.  These individuals are proving how much education matters and how much […]

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