When you are too quiet

This is a struggle that most introvert have faced. Introverts tend to be quiet individuals. When you are too silent, you come across as unfriendly without meaning it. When you meet new people, you are quiet. When you are in group situations, you are quiet. When you are having a rough day, you are quiet. People... Continue Reading →

Why I keep my phone on silent

I always keep my phone on silent or vibrate. When I receive a text or a call, nine time out of ten, I am not in the mood to answer it.  The are many reason for this. Anxiety I realized how much anxiety came from sudden phone calls or texts I wasn’t expecting. Sounds make... Continue Reading →

Why should you embrace your emotions?

As a society, I find that we have grown uncomfortable with emotions. Although I am a big fan of Star Trek, I don’t necessarily think that Vulcan’s have a healthy view of logic or emotions. It's important to embrace your emotions because repressing them is bad for your mental and physical health. Embrace all of... Continue Reading →

Soothing silence

You know you have changed when you look at life differently from the way you used to, when you live a new way of life. You know you have grown as a person when you no longer lose precious time for things that have no real depth or love, when you start prioritizing more time... Continue Reading →

Friendship Day

July 30th is the International Day of Friendship. Surrounding yourself with individuals that have good values, a good head on their shoulders and are loyal to you even during bad times is essential for moving forward in life. When those who say they are your friends make you feel miserable, fill your heart with sorrow... Continue Reading →

Introverts are amazingly strong

Introverts are amazingly strong and sober when tough situations come in the way. Since they pass a lot of time on reflection, they know themselves really well and usually do not make rushed decision based on the immediate emotional response. Their strong focus and willpower come as a result of their frequent self-reflection during their... Continue Reading →

Introverts tend to be open minded

Even if Introverts like being alone, this does not make them rigid and closed. On the contrary, people who are observers and thinkers, or if you prefer introverts tend to be very open-minded, and they are always up for new ideas and activities. Unlike some people believe, an introvert will not spend their lives in... Continue Reading →

Invite confidence

For a long time, I walked in the shadows. I honestly thought it was where I belonged. I didn't understand that we are all meant to shine and that in order to get sunshine, one must step into the light. It took an unexpected exchange to open my eyes. I attended a Star Trek convention... Continue Reading →

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