Solitude & Wellbeing

Introverts have understood that they must have moments of loneliness every day to feel good. It does not matter whether your day is filled with personal or professional obligations, take 20 minutes for yourself. During this moment of rest, forget all that you have to do and meditate on the present moment, to set new... Continue Reading →


Being busy is not a virtue

In today's constantly moving world, it is easy to mistake being busy for a virtue. We are in a performance driven society that puts forward a model of unreal perfection, which promotes toxic standards that cause the general population not to take care of themselves. We literally admire people who never relax, who are always... Continue Reading →

Worth remembering

You do not need to be extroverted and beautiful to be remembered. Regardless of how you look, people remember how you made them feel. This usually ends up being far more important than your level of objective attractiveness. Making someone feel good about themselves is the best way to be remembered. A lesson I learned in high school,... Continue Reading →

World Introvert Day

January 2nd is World Introvert Day. It's an opportunity to celebrate our introversion and for people worldwide to better understand and appreciate us. With all the ignorance out there about introversion, the thought of explaining our personality is daunting, to say the least. We live in an extrovert world and we can appear to be arrogant... Continue Reading →

Sorry I missed your call

I hate receiving a call, especially when I don't know who is on the other end of the phone line. This is a truth that many introverts share. "Sorry, I missed your call, I was staring in horror at the screen wondering why on earth you couldn't just text me." - Unknown My daughter sometimes looks... Continue Reading →

Self-Reflection & Introspection

As an introvert, the worst thing someone can ask me is "tell me a little about yourself." This draws an automatic blank page and writer's block in my mind. It's not that I'm unaware of myself, it's simply that I can't come up with a simple explanation in only a few words upon command. As... Continue Reading →

Do you remember your best friend from elementary school?

Do you remember your best friend in elementary school? Are you still friends? When is the last time you heard about them?  I lived in a small village. Neighbours, in general, were really far from each other. I couldn't just take my bike and visit friends. I needed a ride. It's probably why my brother,... Continue Reading →

Office Party & Introverts

Most businesses I've worked at have had annual holiday parties and/or summer events. Some even encourage social outings throughout the year. This is a nightmare for introverted employees. The force togetherness, the multiple conversations makes us anxious and demands a lot of energy. Being around a lot of people and trying to be "sociable" is... Continue Reading →

Welcoming the Winter Solstice

For thousands of years, First Nation people noted the shift in seasons. To acknowledge the cycles, our people celebrate the longest night (A.K.A. Winter Solstice). It's a time of renewal. A time to reflect on the year that passed and on the year to come. A few facts about Canadian winters: Did you know that Winnipeg... Continue Reading →

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