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“An Introvert’s desire for solitude is more than just a preference. It is crucial to our health and happiness.” – Michaela Chung

Networking Event – An introvert nightmare

I have always hated networking events with a passion. I am now working for a boss who is also introverted, so I am now rarely obligated to attend events anymore, but my previous boss made it his mission to get... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Blog Articles (Oct. 2017)

Revisiting the Top 10 blogs from October 2017: 1ST PLACE: Depression & Anxiety Pills – Busting Myths “Taking pills for me is the equivalent of using an umbrella. You still have to walk in the rain, but the walk is a little... Continue Reading →

What is kenopsia?

Kenopsia is the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that is usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet. As a child, I lived in a very small village. My grandparents had the keys to the school and the... Continue Reading →

Introvert Happiness

I'm an introvert. Introverts don't get ready for a party or a gathering with friends, they gather strength. Removing ourselves for a bit can recharge us in ways we so need. We have to escape from the chaos. We like our... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Blog Articles (Sep. 2017)

Revisiting the Top 10 blogs from September 2017: 1ST PLACE: Unsolicited Dick Pics "I find it quite shocking that so many people defend the guys sending the unsolicited dick pics to women." 2ND PLACE: Disability & Discrimination "I would like to take... Continue Reading →

Peace & Quiet – Introvert Children

Introverts are deeply affected by their surrounding. Noisy, busy environments can wreak havoc on an introvert's highly reactive nervous system. Likewise, packed schedules and high-pressure situations are overstimulating. "Sometimes you need to distance yourself and create time alone, just so... Continue Reading →

Introvert Self-Love

Realising my introversion has really brought it all together. My life would have changed to a great deal. I feel proud of my quiet ways and infinitely more calm and happy in my own skin. Embracing who you are can... Continue Reading →

Introverts can be odd creatures, but they make incredible friends

In my opinion and my experience, Introverts make the best friends you'll ever have. Not that I'm bias or anything! Let me explain why... Introverts keep a small circle of friends, preferring quality over quantity when it comes to friendship. I... Continue Reading →

Home Alone – An Introvert Dream

I took a personal vacation today and didn't tell anyone about it, not even my kids. It's a secret vacation pre-wedding treat for myself. As an Introvert, I wanted a day for myself to fill up my internal battery before the... Continue Reading →

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