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Blog posts about lessons we learn through life. Sharing knowledge and light bulbs moments.

Trust Yourself

Trust yourself. You are doing all the right things and making the right decision. You have to trust your choices. There's absolutely no point in focusing on what you have control over. There is no decisions to be made there.... Continue Reading →

The importance of insignificant moments

Good things about our lives are all around us. Most good experiences are relatively mild. Yet these seemingly insignificant moments can add up over time to change your brain for the better, but only if we take the time to... Continue Reading →

Funny moments in bilingualism

I thought you may appreciate this one. So I'm bilingual. My first language is French and my second is English. I did my early schooling in French and my higher education in English. I speak better in French but write much... Continue Reading →

Destructive Criticism

Criticism happens daily. The difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism is the presence of a personal attack and impossible standards. These so-called “critics” often don’t want to help you improve so be mindful of who you take advice from. Destructive... Continue Reading →

The value of an open mind

Personal arrogance and close-mindedness have led way to some of the most laughable and dangerous decisions in recent history. It's also led to anger, violence and wars that didn't need to be. There is so much to be gained from... Continue Reading →

Let’s add more adventure to our lives

So many people are afraid of how they will feel if they step outside the lines. I have to admit that my current lifestyle isn't very adventurous. It seems that between health issues, parenting and having pets, adventure isn't a... Continue Reading →

History doesn’t make friendships

Are you surrounded by friends who are simply there because they've always been there? Are you hanging on to friendships that don't feel good, because of a misplaced sense of loyalty? Anyone who is not encouraging and championing your truth,... Continue Reading →

Let’s help local children

We can all do small acts of kindness and generosity that can help someone locally. Let's call our local schools and offer to pay off overdue lunch accounts for children. Kids shouldn't worry whether they can eat or not. Let's... Continue Reading →

Idiots among us are proving why education matters

Trigger Warning: Discussion of discrimination, domestic violence, rape, stupidity, violence  This is a gathering of online comments that I simply couldn’t ignore. I just had to placed them all together in one blog to show that the lack of understanding and education is a real problem.  These individuals are proving how much education matters and how much […]

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