Seeking contentedness

We hear a lot about seeking happiness, but what about seeking contentedness? Learning to find peace in the way things are in the present moment is a big undertaking for many of us. We are never satisfied with what we already have. If you are anything like me, you are in a constant state of... Continue Reading →

How to deal with anger

Do you ever wonder how to deal with anger? Do you struggle with anger? Here are some tips that can help. Problem Solving Skills Since problems are inherent in human existence and therefore often unavoidable, it is advisable to adopt the best attitude in order to be able to overcome the frustration provoked by the... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I hate people

Sometimes I hate people. Sometimes my fate in humanity is dangerously close to nil. This week it's not the news or my social media feeds that are getting to me. This week it's the people I crossed paths with while shopping for school supplies and clothes with my teenage daughter that have me feeling discouraged.... Continue Reading →

Self-acceptance is essential for your well-being

Self-acceptance is essential for your well-being. It's important to learn to love the things that make us unique. Self-acceptance is about learning to love yourself. It's about letting go of things you can not change and appreciating what makes you uniquely you. However, being comfortable in one's own skin is not always easy. Self-reflection and... Continue Reading →

Stay away from jealous individuals

It is better to stay away from jealous individuals. This kind of toxic individual who is more interested in comparing your life to theirs or/and judging every decision you make. They makes every effort to find out about you and what you are doing. She or he may even spies on you for the purpose... Continue Reading →

Dealing with grief and change

Dealing with grief and change can be quite difficult. Mourning is not just about death, it's what people feel after losing a loved one whether it's the lost of a friendship, a lost pet, etc. It's important to understand that everyone experiences mourning and loss in his own way. So if you aren't handling it... Continue Reading →

How to handle rejection

Do you know how to handle rejection? Who is not afraid of rejection? Probably this fear lives with you every day, but you are not aware of it. It's only natural that our self-esteem is affected when someone rejects us. Some will retreat and lick their wounds. Some will want to lash out. There is... Continue Reading →

Time is a precious gift

Time is a precious gift. What are we doing with our time? Do we really experience it in a smart way? How much of our time are we willing to sell? These are questions that we often answer with our behaviour, but we rarely think about them. Every morning, your account will be reset and... Continue Reading →

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