Having a cat or dog is good for kids

Your cat or dog is not just a pretty ball of hair - it is also incredibly good for your health. Science has, among other things, shown that pets can help prevent allergies in children, ward off respiratory infections, improve mood and even boost self-esteem. Children and adults with autism sometimes have trouble communicating with... Continue Reading →


Accidents happen

Is it me or are we losing patience a lot faster these days? I was sitting quietly in the waiting room when my name was called. As I squeezed between the woman standing at the reception desk and an occupied chair to get to the doctor's office, a feat that is already difficult due to... Continue Reading →

Threats of violence and death

Threats of violence and death on social media are the same as when they come out of your mouth. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't post it online. People get away with too much on social media. It's time that we are all held accountable for our words. You cannot just say... Continue Reading →

National Book Lover Day

Today marks National Book Lovers Day in the United States. Again, this is a special day that I think should be celebrated worldwide. Reading is such an important skills for many obvious reasons. For one, you wouldn't be able to read this post! (Bad blogger humour, I know. :P) I'm a major book lover. My... Continue Reading →

World First Aid Day

September 8th marks World First Aid Day. Did you know that most Canadians don't feel confident enough to perform first aid when an emergency occurs? I'm one of the first aid workers at my office. I volunteered for the responsibility┬ábecause I wanted to learn how to protect my loved ones. Our two oldest kids have... Continue Reading →

Our obsession with being thin

A friend of mine recently had a very public meltdown and I thought it was worth writing a blog about it to spread awareness of this issue. People in her life and perfect strangers alike keep commenting on her weight, praising her for looking thin or looking like she lost weight.The problem is that her... Continue Reading →

Please forgive me

Please forgive me, I did not understand just how difficult this world is when you are disabled until I started having health issues. I knew there was a lot of work needed, but I didn't truly understand how it felt to be limited and invisible in a able-bodied world. For example, I didn't realize that... Continue Reading →

Urban Disconnect

A family member shared this story with us after feeling quite shaken by the realization that we live in a world that is extremely connected with social media and text, but is also disconnected from human lives and relationships that surrounds us. This family member lives in an apartment building like many others in the... Continue Reading →

The value of silence

I need moments of silence to feel good. For some they take that time to meditate. I am unable to do so in the traditional way. I can't listen to soft music and a recording of someone guiding my thoughts. It makes my thoughts even more chaotic. Being alone surround by silence is all I... Continue Reading →

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