Fear of rejection

Rejection is present in every moment of our life and yet, we often have trouble accepting that. There are so many psychology article out there that say rejection is one of the worst emotions/experience we go through. Personally I think that grief is much worst. In high school I approached a boy I had feelings... Continue Reading →


Why is alcoholism socially acceptable?

In our society, drinking alcohol is a very common habit, and even socially approved. It's related to parties, reunions between friends or it's a way to create a bond. It's also linked to a socially accepted way to escape the stress of motherhood. That's why there is a large percentage of people trapped in the... Continue Reading →

Is your beauty routine safe?

We’ve absorbed the idea that femininity means silently destroying our bodies. Don't believe me? Check this out... Cosmetics does not need to go through a pre-market approval process before they are sold in stores, and regulators do not assess the safety and effectiveness of the claims on the products. Did you know that only 7% of... Continue Reading →

Emotional balance

It's a good reminder that emotional and mental balance can only be achieved by experiencing all kinds of emotions. It is not about living in eternal positivity, just as it isn't good to do so in a permanent negativity. The reality is that emotions try to send us a message. We need to quit the guilt... Continue Reading →

What is apathy?

What is apathy?  Apathy darkens life, extinguishes desires and even feelings. It is a state of mind through which demotivation paralyzes the mind, illusions disappear and the body hurts. We lack energy, we lack the desire. We are prisoners of absolute physical and mental weakness.  Initiatives and hope no longer exist. This unbearable lethargy is a... Continue Reading →

National Pet Day

Today, April 10th marks National Pet Day. Pet owners know how much their animal friend improves their quality of life. Pets are a great way to beat the blues. Our emotions don't just affect our mental state but our entire body. Not only are they known to they offer unconditional love, but they may also give their owners a... Continue Reading →

How to achieve your dreams

We live in a cause-and-effect world. You'll reap what you sow, but you need to be patient. Luckily, as an introvert, I am much more comfortable with delaying gratification than extroverts are. That doesn't mean that extrovert can't achieve their dreams. It just means that you must remember that gratification may not happen quickly and that's okay. Keep... Continue Reading →

Change is challenging

The human being is a being in constant evolution. Change is challenging for most everyone. However, many people are not willing to move forward. They are afraid of what they can find on their way. On the other hand, a strong person embraces the opportunity for growth and is always looking for ways to improve. Trying to avoid... Continue Reading →

The fear of failing

To make a mistake or to fail is one of the biggest fears we have. Since we were children, we are taught that we must be successful. However, a strong person knows that making a mistake does not always mean failing. They challenge themselves to live in uncertain situations with the sole objective of experimenting. They... Continue Reading →

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