Elevator Adventure

So I got stuck in the elevator as the way out of work for a long weekend. Of course, that would happen then. This kind of things don't happen on Monday mornings when you are dragging your feet in the office. The good thing is that I'm not the panicking type (well, anxiety panics yes,... Continue Reading →


The value of being a good listener

Back in high school, I joined a group of students who were trained by psychologist to be good listeners. The school district had understood that sometimes kids don't want to talk to an adult, but still need someone to listen to their trouble. In response they created a group of students who got trained in... Continue Reading →

Your body belongs to you

This week has blessed us with amazingly warm sunny days. Now that the long awaited summer weather is finally here, it is important to understand that you can wear all the clothes you want. You have the right to wear whatever you like, regardless of your appearance, weight and gender. Your body belongs to you,... Continue Reading →

Focus on their hurt not yours

When you are trying to comfort a friend, it's important not to dismiss the pain they are feeling by saying something like "time heals everything". The reason why we try to minimize or dismiss other's pain is that you are feeling the pain, or thinking about how hard it is, or relating it to a... Continue Reading →

Solo Road Trips

There is nothing more exciting than planning a long, solo road trip because you know you’re going to be able to think your thoughts, listen to your music, and play your audio books for hours and hours on end. It's not surprising that this would be music to my ears since I'm an introvert. Is... Continue Reading →

Cleanliness is a collective responsibility.

Summer weather is finally here. It's time to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful warm weather. It's also time to remember that cleanliness is a collective responsibility. Everyone must do their part. If you are planning a party in a public park, bring garbage bags with you.  Once the party is done, you pick up... Continue Reading →

Crying is not a sign of weakness

Let's stop telling people that crying is a sign of weakness and that holding in your emotions at all times is a sign of strength. It takes a lot more strength to process your emotions. "Shout out to everyone who still get back into the swing of things after depression hit them hard. There isn't... Continue Reading →

Have you thought about death?

We all know that we'll die someday, but do we ever think of when? We all assume that day will come in a very distant future. Some fear death. Some fear it so much, they refuse to see a doctor for minor illnesses fearing that the doctor will find something worst and announce them that... Continue Reading →

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