Positive thinking makes us happier

Numerous studies have shown that happiness does not depend on material gains. Yes, material goods and financial gain, allows us to feel secure, which is a basic need, but they do not make us happier. Likewise, social status is not a guarantee of happiness. People with a significant social situation do not necessarily feel happier... Continue Reading →

What is positive thinking?

Positive thinking focuses our attention on what can contribute to our better self. Positive thinking is a mental attitude in which you expect good and favourable results. What is the purpose of positive thinking? Positive thinking has the purpose of intervening on the content of your reflections and modifying your way of looking at life.... Continue Reading →

There’s no age to find happiness.

Another birthday and the numbers keep rising. Life goes by pretty quickly. The more I realize that there is no age to find happiness. It's something we have to work at constantly by staying in the present and taking the time to appreciate all the positive things in our lives. Part of ensuring your happiness... Continue Reading →

Why we should put more value science?

Too many people dismiss real scientific research by simply stating that they don't trust the source, yet are ready to trust what someone with no credential said on social media. Stop spreading this ridiculous and incorrect information. For example, this wave of anti-vaxxing is now placing the entire planet in danger. It is incredibly heartbreaking... Continue Reading →

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