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Going on vacation? How to prevent home burglaries

A recent report from the FBI says that 90% of home burglaries can be prevented. Thinking ahead before you go on vacation can help stop burglars from targeting your home while you're away. Here are some easy tips that can... Continue Reading →

Freedom isn’t a guarantee

We all get comfortable in our freedoms, assuming we’ll never have to defend them. However,  these freedoms can be ripped away in the blink of the eye, in the change of governmental power, and on the whims of a select... Continue Reading →


I raise a cup of tea to all my friends, near and far. Friends by laughter, experience, blood, or shared interests. Even as an introvert having at least one good friend is an important part of life. Some of my... Continue Reading →

Idiots Among Us – Why Education Matters

Trigger Warning: Discussion of discrimination, domestic violence, rape, stupidity, violence  This is a gathering of online comments that I simply couldn't ignore. I just had to placed them all together in one blog to show that the lack of understanding... Continue Reading →

Time is More Valuable Than Money

It shouldn't come as a surprise that a number of studies have found that people who choose to have more vacation time are happier than people who have more money. Life work balance is a subject that is often brought... Continue Reading →

Marriage Rights

Love comes naturally. Hatred is learned. Everyone wants to be happy. It's a basic human need. As an heterosexual woman, my right to get married as never been questioned. My beliefs or practices aren't put into account because I'm a... Continue Reading →

Nothing Should be Taboo

Open dialogue brings understanding, tolerance and acceptance. I don't believe you can make progress on any subject without being able to have open conversations about the good, the bad and the ugly. We all need to open up and be willing... Continue Reading →

Asking for what you want isn’t rude

Many of us grew up being thought that asking for things you want is considered rude, so we go without. We sit on the sidelines waiting patiently for good fortune to smile at us. The truth is that there is... Continue Reading →

Parents can be hilarious

I was sitting in the human resources office a few years back when I received a text. I always have my cell phone with me as I used it for work. I looked at my phone, as the human resources... Continue Reading →

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