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Flexible Hours – Dream or Nightmare?

One thing that I enjoy at my workplace is the lunchtime discussion. During one of these talk sessions, we began to discuss flexible hours and it turns out it isn't as clear cut as we originally thought. Inspired, I did a... Continue Reading →

Going Nuclear

I have Graves Disease, which is an incurable autoimmune illness. The Graves Disease caused my body to develop Hyperthyroidism.  This part is treatable by either killing or removing the thyroid. I have been taking medication to calm the hyperthyroidism for... Continue Reading →

Why “Just Say No” doesn’t work

I google a "woman says no" and the entire first page of search results was all about how "no" means "yes". When a woman tells you no, that is the end of the conversation. It does not continue. You don't... Continue Reading →

There is a growing epidemic, let’s do something about it.

Whether it's in the news, in conversations, or during justice proceedings, the excuses and latitude we give violent men is infuriating. There isn't a day that goes by without seeing a story about a (ex)husband or (ex)boyfriend murdering women and/or children... Continue Reading →

Wedding Celebrant quits 5 weeks prior to our big day! No worries, we got this.

We booked with All Seasons Weddings 16 months prior to the wedding date. One of the reason why I like the idea of going with a company, rather than booking with an independent, was their promise to find a replacement if... Continue Reading →

Dating Advice I Proved Wrong

Growing up and even in adulthood I have received a lot of advice on dating and relationship. I'm glad I didn't change who I was in order to have a relationship at all cost. I am now marrying a man... Continue Reading →

Our First House

We are buying a house. The documents are signed. We are pass the point of no return. It's official, it's exciting and it's terrifying. "Always do what you are afraid to do." - Ralph Waldo Emerson. There have been so many emotional... Continue Reading →

Wedding Guest List Drama – What to expect

Every pay day, I go out with a few coworkers to lunch. This week's lunch time conversation was particularly animated and the subject at the centre of it all was my upcoming wedding. My coworkers wanted to warn me about... Continue Reading →

Cracking under pressure?

As you may already know, I have an autoimmune illness called Graves' Disease, I also have hyperthyroidism and suspicious and growing thyroid nodules that look like cancer. If that wasn't enough to deal with, my doctor now suspects that I may also... Continue Reading →

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