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When mental health issues are in the family

My general doctor retired. He was an excellent doctor. He's the one who diagnosed Graves Disease and Hyperthyroidism. I knew that he was past retirement age and that it would happen one day. I was selfishly hoping that it would be... Continue Reading →

Chronic pain flare up sucks. How sitting on your ass makes you more independent

Starting or even completing house chores can be cumbersome when chronic fatigue or pain strikes. Standing and moving around for too long can easily take its toil on you. By using a chair or a stool as an aide, it... Continue Reading →

Nothing Should be Taboo

Open dialogue brings understanding, tolerance and acceptance. I don't believe you can make progress on any subject without being able to have open conversations about the good, the bad and the ugly. We all need to open up and be willing... Continue Reading →

Dealing with new limitation

I hate the new limits that I have to deal with since my chronic illness has progressed. I work in computer support, but I can no longer crawl under desks to work with cables or move screen holders or carry... Continue Reading →

Morning Pep Talk

When waking up in the morning, remember how precious is the privilege to live, to breathe. I can't always walk, I can't always sing, I don't have perfect health, but I am still grateful for every day that I get with... Continue Reading →

Vacation Days With Chronic Illness

Planning or taking vacation days when you have a chronic illness isn't easy. Having a maximum of 5 sick days in a year is ridiculous when you think about it. As someone with health issues, I'm lucky if I have... Continue Reading →

No, It’s not something I did

I have Graves' Disease. It's an autoimmune illness. This means that my immune system attacks healthy cells. I want to make one thing clear, having an incurable autoimmune illness isn't my fault. I didn't do anything that cause this to... Continue Reading →

Priority #1

If you take a first aid class, they will tell you that your safety comes first. You can't help anyone if you are on the floor next to your victim. We all understand that logic. If you travel by plane,... Continue Reading →

Chronic Illness & Understanding

I'm not okay. I never am. Only a few people really know me. The strong, confident person you see is all an act. I'm scared every day of what will happen next. What you see is me trying to appear... Continue Reading →

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