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My Top 10 Chronic Illness Wishlist

In a perfect world where it is easy to have all of the material comforts that one dreams of without worrying about cost, this would be my wishlist: I would love to have the Gravity Blanket for me and for my... Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Pets

Logging some time with your furry friends is proven to help you feel happier. So play fetch with your dog/cat or sneak in a few cuddles with your dog/cat. It will make both of you feel happier. Actually, pets are scientifically known... Continue Reading →

Healing & Mental Illness

It's been such a struggle dealing with people who don't understand that depression and anxiety are real. For most of the time, I am high functioning, but, when I have a difficult period of time, things go down hill. Mental health... Continue Reading →

Compassion – It’s not just for others

Prior to developing a chronic illness, I refused to let a "bad" version of myself appear. I always wanted to be at my best, at the risk of being too hard with myself. I'm still this way if I'm truly honest... Continue Reading →

Depression & Anxiety Pills – Busting Myths

Taking pills for me is the equivalent of using an umbrella. You still have to walk in the rain, but the walk is a little easier and more comfortable when you use an umbrella. Yes, you can choose to walk... Continue Reading →

You can’t see pain

If only people could see the pain and struggles we face daily. Most healthy individuals will never truly understand what we go through living with a chronic illness day after day. The pain and sickness never go away. We put makeup... Continue Reading →

Living Chronic Illness

Try again tomorrow Things almost never go as planned! This is a wonderful reminder to keep in mind for adapting to all the changes that come with a flare up. Living with chronic illness isn't easy. Some days you are just... Continue Reading →

Science saves lives, not myths

People who do not have a medical license should abstain from giving out medical advice. There is a growing distrust of science and medicine in favour of "natural", "untested", "alternative". This attitude towards receiving treatment and gaining proper diagnosis cannot... Continue Reading →

Clara Hughes – Olympian & Humanitarian

Growing up, I was often asked at school: "other than your parents who is your role model?" I could never think of anyone I looked up to. I always answered myself, which isn't that bad in itself. As an adult,... Continue Reading →

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