My Top 10 Chronic Illness Wishlist

In a perfect world where it is easy to have all of the material comforts that one dreams of without worrying about cost, this would be my wishlist: I would love to have the Gravity Blanket for me and for my kids. It's a blanket that was engineered to alleviate stress, anxiety and promote sleep. I... Continue Reading →


Health Benefits of Pets

Logging some time with your furry friends is proven to help you feel happier. So play fetch with your dog/cat or sneak in a few cuddles with your dog/cat. It will make both of you feel happier. Actually, pets are scientifically known to improve well-being and improve mental health. Animals offer a kind of companionship that doesn't drain... Continue Reading →

Healing & Mental Illness

It's been such a struggle dealing with people who don't understand that depression and anxiety are real. For most of the time, I am high functioning, but, when I have a difficult period of time, things go down hill. Mental health just has important physical health. I don't think I can repeat this enough. An illness is... Continue Reading →

Compassion – It’s not just for others

Prior to developing a chronic illness, I refused to let a "bad" version of myself appear. I always wanted to be at my best, at the risk of being too hard with myself. I'm still this way if I'm truly honest with myself. "The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self." - Fred Rogers... Continue Reading →

Depression & Anxiety Pills – Busting Myths

Taking pills for me is the equivalent of using an umbrella. You still have to walk in the rain, but the walk is a little easier and more comfortable when you use an umbrella. Yes, you can choose to walk in the rain without an umbrella, but the journey will be much tougher. Belief:  I... Continue Reading →

You can’t see pain

If only people could see the pain and struggles we face daily. Most healthy individuals will never truly understand what we go through living with a chronic illness day after day. The pain and sickness never go away. We put makeup on and dress up so we can feel normal even if it's just for a... Continue Reading →

Living Chronic Illness

Try again tomorrow Things almost never go as planned! This is a wonderful reminder to keep in mind for adapting to all the changes that come with a flare up. Living with chronic illness isn't easy. Some days you are just going to be discouraged, especially when experiencing a flare up. Some days your illness is... Continue Reading →

Science saves lives, not myths

People who do not have a medical license should abstain from giving out medical advice. There is a growing distrust of science and medicine in favour of "natural", "untested", "alternative". This attitude towards receiving treatment and gaining proper diagnosis cannot be tolerated. It is more hurtful and damaging than anything else. People with depression need... Continue Reading →

Clara Hughes – Olympian & Humanitarian

Growing up, I was often asked at school: "other than your parents who is your role model?" I could never think of anyone I looked up to. I always answered myself, which isn't that bad in itself. As an adult, I am constantly learning about these wonderful women who have accomplished so much, women who... Continue Reading →

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