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Mental Illness & Love

Relationships are challenging for anyone, healthy or not, but for someone battling a mental health condition, that illness can often hinder more than help, especially before it is diagnosed and aren't aware of what's going on. It's easy when you... Continue Reading →

Why we need to safe places for male chronic illness sufferers

I didn't think I would be mentioning sexism when talking about illnesses, but it recently came to light that men have a harder time talking about chronic illness because they are constantly told that they are not allowed to talk... Continue Reading →

What defines you?

Who am I? What defines me? These are questions that almost everyone will ask themselves at some point in their life and maybe more than once as life changes. The answer is more than just your given name, of course,... Continue Reading →

Going Nuclear

I have Graves Disease, which is an incurable autoimmune illness. The Graves Disease caused my body to develop Hyperthyroidism.  This part is treatable by either killing or removing the thyroid. I have been taking medication to calm the hyperthyroidism for... Continue Reading →

Paralysing Anxiety – Thyroid Related?

I suffered from paralysing anxiety, or in other words, hyper-vigilance. I was in a state of alert 24 hours a day, every day. Every little details was blown out of proportion. I was constantly analysing, interpreting, evaluating risks. My mind... Continue Reading →

It’s okay to seek help

Mental illness can come out of nowhere and affect anyone at any time. So if you are thinking it's never going to affect you, there's a good chance you are wrong. Unfortunately, it's because people think that mental illnesses only... Continue Reading →

Rainy Days & Chronic Illness

Weather affect chronic illness. It's become clear to me that rainy weather is definitely one of my triggers. It also has become clear to me that people don't understand when someone with a chronic illness speaks of good and bad pain days, which... Continue Reading →

Torn between I can & I can’t

I have to say no to countless outings and events. Sometimes it's just too difficult. Sometimes I say yes regardless and I will pay for it afterwards. I'm constantly torn between "I won't let this hold me back" and "I... Continue Reading →

Graves Disease – No one warned me

In my experience, doctor overplays the cure and underplays the symptoms.Even with doctors, people with chronic illnesses get scrutinised, patronised, interrogated and belittled. I'm not exaggerating, I'm not trying to pull a fast one, I'm not a whiner and I'm... Continue Reading →

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