Do we value education?

Do we value education? Sometimes I wonder. We have a bunch of rules about school attendance that don't reflect chronic illness and mental illness issues and needs, because school is more important than anything else, but our buildings are falling apart. Our classes are missing teachers. Teachers aren't trained properly on learning disabilities and physical... Continue Reading →


What is dyspraxia?

What is dyspraxia? It's a learning disability. It's a disorder that affects the following: Organisation Having difficulty to follow a plan. Your child may have issues coloring within the lines for example. Please note that your child may have dyspraxia and be a coloring genius. These are example of symptoms, no every child will have... Continue Reading →

Parenting win

It truly feels like a parenting win. I had a long talk with my teenage daughter on the weekend. One of those talk you always hope to have, but don't believe will ever happen. Especially not during their teenage years. Parenting is challenging. Parenting while dealing with an incurable chronic illness isn't easy either. We've... Continue Reading →

Struggling Parents

Struggling parents remember that it is easy to feel like a good mom or dad when everything is going right. Remember that you are a good mom or dad even when you are struggling. It is easy to look upon other parents and think that they are the image of perfection. Remember that an image... Continue Reading →

Most Popular Posts

I haven't done this in a while, but I think that it is time for a review of my most popular posts, just in case you missed some or are just joining this blog now. Surprisingly enough, my most popular post this year is if whether or not Rene Angelil was a pedophile. There is... Continue Reading →

Never forget

Never forget when you are in front of a child no matter what they challenges they are facing, you do not really know its potential. I am dyslexic. I was told not to pursue studies pass high school, because I wasn't smart enough. I didn't listen. I graduated from university. Richard Branson, dyslexic too, stopped... Continue Reading →

Words Matter – Gender Edition

Words Matter - Gender Edition. There has been progress, but much remains to be done and many challenges to overcome for a gender-equal world. August 26th marks women equality day. This is why I decided to write about why words matters when it comes to gender. You can be a firm believer in equality, but... Continue Reading →

What is a trans-generational trauma?

What is a trans-generational trauma? Trans-generational trauma is an impact, a transference for which the emotional, physical or social pain a person suffers at a given moment is transmitted to new generations in such a way that it goes beyond mere acquired behaviour. The subject is not new, in fact the trans-generational or inter-generational trauma... Continue Reading →

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