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Kids don’t arrive with an instruction booklet, but we can all share knowledge, support, understanding, and humour.

Traveling with kids? Preperation is key

A few years back I travelled alone with my daughter to Disney World and learned a few things about travelling with kids along the way. Being prepared is the best way to ensure that everything will go well and that... Continue Reading →

Guidance Counsellors’ Influence

I attended a French high school. When I expressed my wish to attend English CEGEP, my high school guidance counsellor told me that my grades were too low and I should instead content myself with secretarial school. He predicted that... Continue Reading →

Religion & Paedophilia

What drives me absolutely nuts is all of the excuses that representative of the Catholic Church has given to normalise paedophilia and amount of effort they put into hiding and protecting rapists. Cardinal Raymond Burke, a representative of the Catholic... Continue Reading →

The Autistic brain

People also forget the Autistic brain is an amazing one. Many people on the autism spectrum are above average intelligence and ability to learn some skills far more easily than other people. Their brain just functions differently than the socially... Continue Reading →

Blended Families & How they change your life

My family is complicated by some people's standards. I have a child from a previous marriage and my husband has two children from a previous marriage. My biological child has two older siblings who are now adults and two siblings by... Continue Reading →

Raising Children – The power of praises

When you tell a child that they are good at something, the next time they struggle, they will think they handle it, because this is one of their strengths. It changes the way they look at obstacles. Suddenly they are... Continue Reading →

Learning Disabilities

When we have a child that doesn't have a learning disability and he/she has good grades at school, we are happy and proud parents. When that child does what we ask him/her to do, we are happy and proud parents. It's... Continue Reading →

Should you baptize your child to please the family?

Statistics show that there is an obvious decrease in the number of baptisms in Quebec. This fact, in itself, doesn't surprise me. It remains, however, that a number of parents still choose to offer sacraments to their children, whether by... Continue Reading →

Double Standards Mothers & Fathers Face

Progress can be fragile. Whether you are a working mother or a housewife, you will face double standards. It seems that society looks downs on mothers no matter what path she has decided or been forced to chose. I don't... Continue Reading →

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