Pro-life isn’t pro-life at all

Pro-life isn't pro-life at all. It's about controlling women's bodies. The reason why I say this is that pro-lifers aren't around once a child is born and doesn't worry about mother and baby dying because of a medical issue that could have been resolved with an abortion. Let's make something clear, abortion is a safe,... Continue Reading →

Why do we need sex education?

We need sex education to counter misinformation going around the internet and being said among friends. People often share misinformation as if they are in the know when they are really not. Your kids will learn about sex somewhere, why not make sure the source is giving correct information? These kids grow up and become... Continue Reading →

It’s okay not to want kids

I'm a mother and a step-mother. I am happy with my choice, but I know it's not for everyone. It's okay not to want kids. My daughter who is now a teenager and discovering love for the first time has mentioned to both me and her father that she may not want children in her... Continue Reading →

Hugging is not a sign of respect

Hugging is not a sign of respect. Both my adult brother and my teenage daughter hate hugs. This fact as been misunderstood by many family members who saw it as a sign of disrespect or excessive shyness or took it personal. The pressure is fierce and it only makes reunions and holiday parties awkward and... Continue Reading →

Gender identity and sexual orientation

Is it right to introduce gender identity and sexual orientation in the classroom? Are these concepts too complex for children, or is teaching them a helpful way to promote greater acceptance and tolerance? Children have a better capacity to understand and accept than we give them credit for. In the first grade, my child's teacher... Continue Reading →

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