Let’s listen to teens

We watched students across the United States as they walked out of their schools to protest gun violence and demand action from elected officials. These teens are slamming Congress for their lack of action on gun control. They are demonstrating so much bravery, standing up for what’s right. Teenagers are often underestimated and patronized when... Continue Reading →


It’s not just about him

Women are always entitled to an orgasm. Every single time. Sex is not just about him and if he says otherwise, put your clothes back on and go home. You deserve better. Please remember to share this with your children when you have the sex talks. Did you just cringe? This is perhaps the most difficult... Continue Reading →

Listen to your teens

The teenager's life is rife with change and insecurity. They start wondering a lot of things and, even if it doesn't always feel like it, there is no one better than their parents to guide them on this difficult path. We all had a doubt or a problem during our teenage years, and, if you... Continue Reading →

Memories of Disney World

You are never too old to love Disney. The magic simply continues to evolve as you get older. There's nothing like showing your favourite Disney movies to your child for the first time. It's truly a wonder to see the reactions of your own children the first time they see a Disney movie. The Disney... Continue Reading →

The choice to have children

This is something that flabbergasts me. Whether you decide to have children or not, the decision is yours and yours alone. I can't understand why it's so difficult to understand that it's a personal choice, not an obligation. It sounds simple enough to me. For me, the need to become a mother came after becoming... Continue Reading →

Gone too soon

Trigger warning: Discussion of kidnapping, Missing, Murder, Accident Death, losing children. We see it every day online and on the television, young children and teenagers going missing. I've shared posts when the police ask for public help or when there's an amber alert. My heart always squeezes as I worry about what is happening to that... Continue Reading →

Let’s stand up to bullying

Children want to feel safe at school. Everyone deserves to be safe and respected. Bullying is never okay and it happens far too often. Many people allow themselves and decide to belittle, denigrate and ridicule others, which causes enormous damage to the victims of this verbal and/or physical bullying. The consequences of such acts and remarks... Continue Reading →

Gun Violence

I'm getting super tired of having the same debate over and over again. There needs to be better laws and regulations concerning guns. If you reply anything in the lines of... "It would have been horrible if there was a drunk driver who smashed through and ran over a bunch of kids I would feel just... Continue Reading →

Silly Texts – Windows to the Soul

A friend brought up to my attention that my text can be "creative", "weird, and/or "funny". She never knew what to expect, but it always made her smile. Text sent on a particularly difficult parenting day. I saw my daughter go through 5 different emotions within the space of one minute and I'm not exaggerating.... Continue Reading →

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