Let’s support parents

As a society and as individuals, we need to better supports parents. Don't stay on the sidelines when you see a parent struggle. Open the door for them when their hands are full or they are trying to keep track of their kids. Offer help when they clearly need a hand. Support them when their... Continue Reading →


Underwear is personal

Many schools and workplace mandate that girls and women must wear a bra. This is a rule that is more and more being deemed discriminatory, because it only applies to one gender. If you say that women need to wear a bras due to breast size, then there are plenty of men that should be... Continue Reading →

Surrogacy Contracts

The dream of starting a family and having a child isn't easy for everyone. It took me 3 years and 4 pregnancy to give birth to 1 child and I'm one of the lucky ones. For many, carrying a child to term is simply not possible. One option is surrogacy, but prior to going that... Continue Reading →

The birth of a child

We went to my office holiday party. I was working for an Italian family and their idea of a party was many many dishes. At the time, I was barely eating because my unborn child was sitting on my stomach. I forced myself to eat a little from every plate. It wasn't long before I... Continue Reading →

Manage your expectations

As the school year is starting, I remember this quote. We often have a lot of expectations in life, but the one we put on our own shoulders are the worst. Be kind with yourself. Don't expect perfection. Don't compare yourself to others. Just be present and do your best. “It’s important to learn to... Continue Reading →

Where’s the common sense?

The newspapers reported that there was an incident involving a school bus driver in Sherbrooke, Quebec and two girls attending elementary school that I simply cannot comprehend. The driver expelled the two children aged 5 and 7 and abandoned them to a woman who did not know them. Where's the bus driver's common sense? Parents... Continue Reading →

Managing time can be challenging

Living with chronic illness, means being exhausted all the time. That can make it difficult to do even the simplest of tasks, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower – much less trying to make it through an entire day of work, school, appointments and responsibilities. My calendar is filled with twice as many... Continue Reading →

I wish I could do more

I recently met parents who are supportive of all sexual orientation and gender identity as long as it's not their own children. Unfortunately, neither of their girls are heterosexual or cis gender. Is there a way I can make them see that they are only hurting their daughters by refusing their right to their own... Continue Reading →

As school starts again, let’s say no!

As school starts again, let's take a stand against bullying. Let's say: No to verbal or physical attacks. No to rejection, No to taxing No to cyberbullying. If you suspect or discover that your child is being bullied in any form, talk to him or her to feel supported. Steps must be taken to stop... Continue Reading →

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