The family is growing

Our little family is growing. We have welcomed two new cats and a rat. Yep, it's starting to look like a zoo and I love it. Cookie loves to explore and isn't afraid to confront the dog. We're hoping he'll realize that our big dog has a big heart and everyone will eventually get along.... Continue Reading →


Stop judging moms

It's time to stop judging moms for how they feed their babies. I did not breastfeed my daughter. I had a breast reduction when I was in college and couldn't breast feed. Honestly, I am glad I had that excuse, because the thought of breastfeeding wasn't appealing for me. That being said, I think that... Continue Reading →

Boys & Consent

Isn't it strange on all women have been victim or know someone who's been victim of sexual harassment or rape, but most men don't know any harassers or rapist?  We must act with boys on the concepts of consent, equality and respect for the limits of the other. They must be made aware of the... Continue Reading →

Parenting with chronic illness

I'm sharing the following because I know deep inside that I am not alone in this struggle. I know that there is strength in knowing that there is a lot of people out there who understands and go through the same guilt, worry and hopes. I'm always tired. I am forever falling asleep. I can't... Continue Reading →

Forced Child Marriages

I can't believe that forced child marriages are still legal in many places included North America. When a girl is forced into marriage, her rights are violated. The legal minimum age of marriage in Canada is 16 years, according to the 2005 Civil Marriage Act and the 2015 Criminal Code. What we need to understand... Continue Reading →

Global Day of Parents

June 1st is Global Day for Parents. I'm a parent and a step-parent. Family-work balance is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Everyone contributes to the world in their own way. "Friendly reminder that "doing your best" does not mean working yourself to the point of mental breakdown. " - Unknown

International Missing Children Day

May 25th is International Missing Children. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), more than 7,000 reports of disappearances were received in 2017 in Quebec, which ranks 4th in the country. Runaways account for the majority of these disappearances, while 90% of missing children are found within days of their disappearance. That means that... Continue Reading →

What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten in?

In elementary school I was getting really bad grades in French class. I didn't know at the time that I was dyslexic. I didn't want my parents getting mad at me so I forged my mom's signature on multiple occasion until I got caught. My mom scared me straight by telling me that I could... Continue Reading →

Crayola Markers

This blog post is for parents and artists who enjoy coloring with crayola markers. What do you do with your markers when they're no longer good? Did you know that Crayola recycles used markers, including other brands? You don’t have to throw them in the trash! If you click here, it will take you to... Continue Reading →

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