How to reclaim the holidays

The arrival of snow is for many a sign that the holidays and the winter holidays are approaching. Often our time doesn't belong to us anymore during this season. This blog post will explain how to reclaim the holidays. Happy holidays doesn't depend on how much money you spend. It's about the people you are... Continue Reading →

Santa Claus

I believed in Santa Claus for a very long time and I still carry the holiday spirit and tradition to this day. As some of you already know, I grew up in a small village. Every year in the beginning of December, Santa Claus would call my house and ask what my brother and I... Continue Reading →

I gave up on homework

Becoming a parent comes with a slew of responsibilities, but the most dreaded one might just be helping kids with their homework. My kids are now in high school and I can't help them anymore. Yep, I gave up on homework. We tried to help my daughter with mathematics and she got a failing mark.... Continue Reading →

She can be anything she wants

Many young people still make career choices based on gender stereotypes. By fighting against them, we encourage children and youth to express their true personality and make informed choices about their future. Even today, many young people will make choices based on gender stereotypes, choices that do not always reflect their deep desire for a... Continue Reading →

Sexual Development

We should all be able to enjoy our childhood as long as we can. We should all be entitled to come into an awareness of our sexual orientation privately and on our own terms. We should all be entitled to full autonomy over our own body. In other words, let children grow up on their... Continue Reading →

Planning family activities with anxiety

People who struggle with anxiety have this tendency partly because we have a heightened fear of things not going the way we want or expect. So planning family activities with anxiety can be quite a challenge. I was worried that the kids wouldn't get along, that there would be fighting, or that they wouldn't have... Continue Reading →

Stop assuming dads aren’t caregivers

It's time to stop assuming dads aren't caregivers and that mom's are the primary caretaker of children. Taking care of children shouldn't be a job deemed for women only. Fathers want to be in their children lives. I know many men who have more parenting instinct than their spouse. The idea that women are just... Continue Reading →

I’m so proud of students today

I'm so proud of students today. In Ontario when the Doug Ford government cancelled the sexual education curriculum, student took to the streets and protested demanding the right to a proper education. Students today care about their education and they are not afraid to stand up for their rights. They cherish knowledge and seek wisdom.... Continue Reading →

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