Incurable Diseases

I found that people have a lot of trouble accepting that you have an illness that is incurable. I think there are 2 reasons for this. 1. They care about you and don't want to accept that you will be in pain for the rest of your life; 2. The idea that they could get... Continue Reading →


Understanding Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can be confusing to understand especially when you don't have it. It's important to understand that people who have fibromyalgia do not go a day without experiencing some weird symptoms. It’s not just about pain or being sore. It’s deep aching pain all over. Most people wake up after what for most would be... Continue Reading →

Does autoimmune illnesses affect the healing process?

I used to be a quick healer. I would scratch, cut, or hurt myself and it would be gone really fast. I never paid real attention to my small injuries because I knew it would be gone without issues. Now, everything takes forever to heal and leaves permanent marks. I also bruise a lot easier.... Continue Reading →

A smile hides a lot

I was in a good mood this morning, even after the coffee machine ate my k-cup and gave me no coffee at all. Coworkers passed by my desk and one of them commented that I looked much better today and that the pain must be gone. I looked at her still smiling and said: "Oh... Continue Reading →

Mental Exhaustion

If you follow my blog, you've already read above all the things that people with anxiety worry about, so it's no surprise that they experience extreme mental exhaustion. Though their bodies may be rested, their minds are constantly swimming, which is why they may sleep a lot or go through their day feeling restless. If you... Continue Reading →

What is apathy?

What is apathy?  Apathy darkens life, extinguishes desires and even feelings. It is a state of mind through which demotivation paralyzes the mind, illusions disappear and the body hurts. We lack energy, we lack the desire. We are prisoners of absolute physical and mental weakness.  Initiatives and hope no longer exist. This unbearable lethargy is a... Continue Reading →

The downside of being strong

A manager who had elective surgery last month has recently returned to work after being on short-term medical leave. She is still very sore and feels easily exhausted. She came to me to complain not realizing that it's how I feel on a good day.  She will be working part-time from home because it's simply too... Continue Reading →

Pain is exhausting

If someone seems tired, lazy or absent, there may be more to it. Don't be too quick to judgement. Many physical and mental illnesses cause extreme pain and that's not something you can see simply by looking at someone. Pain that relentlessly nagged someone all day drained them. It is not easy to always feel... Continue Reading →

You look fine

Most people believe that you can’t be in pain or discomfort if you managed to dress nicely and did your hair. Just because I am laughing and joking around with my friends does not mean that I am well. Just because I am sick does not mean that I cannot be happy. People with chronic... Continue Reading →

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