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All blogs/articles regarding physical and mental health, such as, but not limited to autoimmune illnesses, chronic illnesses, thyroid issues, depression, anxiety, etc.

You can’t see pain

If only people could see the pain and struggles we face daily. Most healthy individuals will never truly understand what we go through living with a chronic illness day after day. The pain and sickness never go away. We put makeup... Continue Reading →

Living Chronic Illness

Try again tomorrow Things almost never go as planned! This is a wonderful reminder to keep in mind for adapting to all the changes that come with a flare up. Living with chronic illness isn't easy. Some days you are just... Continue Reading →

Chronic Illness & Exulansis

If you have a chronic illness or an invisible illness, you have probably tried to explain what you are going through to people only to find out that they are unable to relate. You can read hundreds of post and... Continue Reading →

I’m struggling

I am strong. I am brave. I am fierce. I am worthy. I am all these things. I am also struggling. Depression is difficult. I cry when no one is looking. I cry sitting at my desk at work. I cry at home.... Continue Reading →

What I’m not saying about my illness

"Please try not to judge how someone is dealing with a pain you have not experienced." -  Unknown Just because I trudge forward to get things done doesn’t mean I'm okay. In truth, I'm not okay. Do you know how much... Continue Reading →

How depression can ruin good days

We went on an excursion to Quebec City. My husband wanted to visit a fellow gamer that lives outside the city and we planned for a picknick near the water or in a pretty park. I had been looking forward to... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Blog Articles (Sep. 2017)

Revisiting the Top 10 blogs from September 2017: 1ST PLACE: Unsolicited Dick Pics "I find it quite shocking that so many people defend the guys sending the unsolicited dick pics to women." 2ND PLACE: Disability & Discrimination "I would like to take... Continue Reading →

Science saves lives, not myths

People who do not have a medical license should abstain from giving out medical advice. There is a growing distrust of science and medicine in favour of "natural", "untested", "alternative". This attitude towards receiving treatment and gaining proper diagnosis cannot... Continue Reading →

Letting go of suspicion

When I originally read an article that said Selena Gomez had received a kidney transplant over the summer thanks to the donation from her one of her friends, Francia Raísa, I was happy for her and silently wished that everyone was... Continue Reading →

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