Children’s Mental Health

Children's mental health is an issue in Canada and many other countries. Mental illness is a killer disease it harms us to an extend of suicidal thoughts. I started to ask for help for my child a year ago, but couldn't get any because she wasn't depressed enough yet. They waited until she was suicidal... Continue Reading →

We are not faking

We are not faking. We really need to stop assuming the worst of everyone. We've become so skeptic of everything and everyone that it's turning us into bad people. I think we all need a bit more faith in humanity. I know it's difficult right now. Many wheelchair users can walk and no that doesn't... Continue Reading →

Waking up in pain

Waking up in pain is now routine for me. This is due to Fibromyalgia. It's not uncommon to be waken up with severe pain, unable to move or breath. Getting out of bed is torture. Reaching for a piece of clothing left on the floor I almost fell unconscious. I took my pain pills and... Continue Reading →

A world created by able-bodied individuals

We live in a world created by able-bodied individuals for able-bodied individuals. Architecture, urban planning and the layout of public spaces are obviously a source of difficulties and concerns for people with reduced mobility. Steps in front of the elevators or bathrooms in the basement only accessible by stairs make travel impossible. I remember stopping... Continue Reading →

Having Fibromyalgia can be challenging

Having Fibromyalgia can be challenging. These are a few of the challenges that we face on a regular basis. Brain Fog Having brain fog can make you feel like an uneducated person. I often forget words, or have difficulties understanding people when they talk. I've had it so bad that in the doctor's office with... Continue Reading →

Doubting Incurable Chronic Illness Exist

We shouldn't have to prove our incurable chronic illness to you. We have been through countless medical tests and still are. We have been diagnosed by a doctor. We take medication. We battle this illness every single second of every minute, of every hour, every day. We shouldn't have to prove that we have an... Continue Reading →

Have a good night sleep

Having a good night sleep is much more important than one thinks. Having a disturbed sleep has consequences on physical, mental and cognitive health. What is the consequences of not having a good night sleep? Chronic insomnia is potentially a disease that puts you at greater risk of developing physical, mental and cognitive illnesses. The... Continue Reading →

Book Lover Day

June 9th is book lover day. Many of us enjoy reading, we enjoy books. I'm a major book lover. I have numerous bookshelves filled with books of all types. I have a preference for physical books over online, although I have used both. I definitely feel wistful when walking into used or/and old bookstores. It's... Continue Reading →

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