For those who stay

Anyone who has been through illness (physical or/and mental) know that people tend to drift away. I've been living with multiple chronic illness and mental illness for a few years now. There has been many ups and downs. I am still walking along the journey, trying to figure it out, testing different treatment to see... Continue Reading →


Flu Vaccine – Is it worth it?

Because anyone can create and share internet content, you need to take extra steps to ensure what you find is accurate. Here are a few tips to help you separate good information from bad. If you are worried about vaccines because you heard bad things about them, please read this article about vaccine facts. Vaccines... Continue Reading →

Humidity the enemy of chronic sufferers

Humidity seems to be one of the common triggers experience by the majority of chronic sufferers. I was on a high from having a few good pain day when pain started getting bad again. I was wondering why when I realized that it was going to rain. Humidity levels were rising. That's why. Inflammation and... Continue Reading →

Vulnerability can help you heal

As much as we would like it to be otherwise, before we can overcome suffering, we need to go through it. Faking it until you make it does not lessen the pain. Neither does suffering in silence. On the contrary, swallowing up and hiding our pain only increases the risk of PTSD. Inner growth arises... Continue Reading →

The joys of changing medication

In an attempt to treat my Fibromyalgia, it was suggested that I change my current mental health medication for one that has a pain treatment aspect to it. First I had to ween off my current medication and then start the new medication gradually. It was only for a short period, but it still affected... Continue Reading →

World Mental Health Day

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. Too many chose not to speak publicly and openly because they are afraid of fallout and consequences in their immediate surroundings, both personal and professional. No one should have to fear reprisal for suffering from mental illness. They¬†prefer to remain anonymous for fear of judgment. Unfortunately, we can... Continue Reading →

Birth control is not a luxury.

It amazes me how men holding political power know so little about women's reproductive health. Women deserve more reproductive rights, not fewer. Birth control is basic health care. Birth control allows women to plan their futures, participate in the economy. For some women with health issues like endometriosis, birth control allows them to get through... Continue Reading →

Health isn’t an indication of value

I could be at any weight and I will never be healthy, because I have multiple incurable chronic illness. Saying health is the pinnacle of human achievement, means that it's something that everyone can achieve if they just make the right choices, eat the right things, exercise just enough. It's isn't true. Too many illnesses... Continue Reading →

Sleep Apnea

I started snoring 4 years ago. At first, it was a very soft, barely audible snore. As time past, the snoring got worst. By spring this year, I was snoring so loud, it was keeping everyone in the house awake. My general doctor sent me for a sleep apnea test. The first step was to... Continue Reading →

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