Voting against Trudeau doesn’t mean voting for Sheer

Voting against Trudeau doesn't mean voting for Sheer. Many people want to vote against Trudeau, and automatically choose the Conservatives, without necessarily knowing the significance of this gesture. Please remember or realize that Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party, is against: Abortion and Reproductive Rights; MARRIAGE between LGBTQIA + people, and therefore, against the... Continue Reading →


This is how it’s always been

Just because something has always been done in a particular way, doesn't mean that there isn't a better way. I hate it when people say "this is how it's always been." "I hate when people are like: "the world's a cruel place, just get used to it." That's a terrible mentality! Never accept cruelty and... Continue Reading →

Pain Rules

Pain makes my mind and body exhausted, drained of all energy. Pain puts me to sleep. Pain wakes me up. Normal people are sleeping right now, not sitting in their living room, in pain, writing a blog. Pain rules. Living in pain is very exhausting. I often find myself drifting to sleep during the day... Continue Reading →

Destiny is uncertain

What must happen will happen. Every thing happens in its time. We do not control over everything. Destiny is uncertain. Sometimes, the winds simply do not blow in our favor, and despite our efforts, we fail to see reality in the face. It is said that the most beautiful things that can happen to us... Continue Reading →

Childhood Anxiety

As a mother of a child with childhood anxiety, I've come to learn a few things along the way. Childhood anxiety is not obvious when your child is very little. I spent my daughter's early years applauding her for being so much more mature than her peers. Everyone noticed and complimented her being advanced for... Continue Reading →

The abortion pill

Difficult access to the abortion pill in Quebec compared to elsewhere in Canada. While in British Columbia, 40% of women who obtained abortions took advantage of the abortion pill in the first 18 months following the introduction of the drug, in Quebec, this proportion was only 9% after the first year, reveals a report released... Continue Reading →

Holding in your farts

Holding in your farts isn't healthy. An accumulation of intestinal gas can trigger abdominal distension. Some gases are absorbed into the circulation which isn't healthy. It can even cause inflammation of the colon. I will always remember sitting in a restaurant and having a discussion with my best friend new boyfriend about women's biology. He... Continue Reading →

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