Young people do get chronic illnesses

Many believe that young people can't get chronic illnesses. That somehow, youth protects you from illnesses. The truth is that you can develop a chronic illness at any age. Chronic illnesses don't discriminate. Unfortunately, many children suffering from chronic pain will often be dismissed as growing pain that's going to go away, but it never... Continue Reading →

Organ donation

In this national organ donation week, I would like to remind you of the possibility of including a donation clause in your will. I had honestly didn't think about that, but it makes perfect sense. It is important to discuss your willingness to donate with your loved ones. Every opportunity to donate is precious and... Continue Reading →

You are beautiful

When someone tells you that you are beautiful, believe them. They aren't lying. I know that I struggle with this one every once in a while. In the last 4 years, living with multiple chronic illnesses has changed my physical shell quite a bit. I've been struggling with loving the reflection that I see in... Continue Reading →

Normal is truly an awful word

I woke up in the early hours of the morning again due to pain and I couldn't go back to sleep. It's been happening so often that I've started to expect waking up in the middle of the night in pain. That's a terrible feeling. Normal is truly an awful word. Fibromyalgia has completely messed... Continue Reading →

I must have done something wrong

Living with anxiety is a challenge to say the least. It can make you think that someone is always mad at you. Even if you can't come up with a single reason why, you are certain you have done something wrong. Even if it's someone else fumble, you feel responsible for it. Someone in your... Continue Reading →

Dial down your expectations of yourself

Are you struggling? Dial down your expectations of yourself.  You will feel a bit of relief. Some of the weight on your shoulders will feel lighter. When you are struggling, you should soften your expectations of yourself and others. You should also take better care of yourself. Doing so will ensure you get through this... Continue Reading →

Always Exhausted

We are chronic illness sufferers. Of course we are always exhausted, no matter how many hours we sleep and naps we take. Our bodies are in constant pain and that's exhausting. We are constantly fighting against this pain to have a life and that's exhausting. Our bodies are hurting all over even on good days,... Continue Reading →

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