Shaken to the core

Having a chronic illness is difficult. When you find your body failing you. When you lose the physical capacity to do the things that make you you.¬† Your sense of who you are is shaken to its core. Having a medical history of chronic health condition may pose even higher risk of falling and hurting... Continue Reading →

The power of breathing

Discover the power of breathing. Breathe. Deeply. Slowly. Four counts in. Six counts out. Take 1 minutes to meditate. The last conversation I had with my doctor, she suggested that I meditate 1 minute, 3 times a day. She said that it was enough to reduce stress. Eventually, when it becomes an habit, I could... Continue Reading →

Living in the present saved my life

Living in the present recently saved my life. Most things are much more complex beneath the surface. You can't always tell who is struggling just by looking at them. You cannot tell when someone is going through the worst time of their lives. When all hell broke loose, what helped me survive was living int... Continue Reading →

The healing power of animals

The healing power of animals is well known. Mental health hospitals have animal therapy for their patients. Emotional support animals are used to help individuals who can't do without. Now, imagine yourself in a quite few years, having to leave everything, your house, most of your acquired goods and entering retirement homes or nursing homes.... Continue Reading →

The gene of happiness

According to some scientific studies, the ability to see life on the right or wrong side is linked to the gene of happiness. This gene regulates in particular the circulation of serotonin the hormone of good humour. People with the long form of this gene are more predisposed to happiness than those with the short... Continue Reading →

School Refusal

We have yearly check-ups for our physical health, but when it comes to the brain, we've stigmatized its health. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Shouldn't we have regular check up to make sure we are okay? Currently, in order to get help, you need to be in crisis, to be a... Continue Reading →

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