What’s wrong with you exactly?

I visited family this weekend and got asked the following question: "What's wrong with you exactly?" It can be very difficult to explain what you are going through when you are put on the spot and you know very well that you don't look sick. Trying to explain that although you don't see it, I'm... Continue Reading →

Everything is 100% my fault

When my mental health is at it's worse, I end up thinking and feeling that everything is 100% my fault. No matter what goes wrong, whether it within my control or not affects the way I see myself. Logically I understand that I can't always prevent bad things from happening, but I still end up... Continue Reading →

We put so much upon ourselves

Talking with my best friend, my daughter and others in my life, I came to the conclusion that most of the things that make us feel bad always comes down chasing perfection. We put so much upon ourselves. We have this vision of how things should be, how they should feel, how it should work... Continue Reading →

Log cabin in the woods

My idea of the best weekend or vacation ever is one in which you have no plans and no responsibilities. For example, passing the weekend alone in a log cabin in the woods ranks as one of the best weekends or vacation I’ll ever have. This might be because I'm an introvert with anxiety issues.... Continue Reading →

You aren’t a burden

You aren't a burden. Please do not let the idea that you may be a burden to someone stop you for reaching out for support when you need it. The last thing your love ones want is for you to go out of your way to ease their imagined trouble. Your struggles do not burden... Continue Reading →

You are good enough

You are good enough. Everything that you do is good enough. Having anxiety means spending hours going over what we should have said, where we made mistakes, etc. It's enough to make you want to hide under the covers and never get out. Know that you are doing enough. I now that you want to... Continue Reading →

Schizophrenia doesn’t equal violence

People affected by schizophrenia are not at all a reflection of the stigma and portrayal that is socially attached to them. Schizophrenia doesn't equal violence. On a daily basis, via news media, television shows and movies they are singled out and portrayed as dangerous, violent and unstable. This diagnosis is almost always given to individuals... Continue Reading →

Depression and anxiety are a challenging

Depression and anxiety are a challenging.  Depression and anxiety can convince you that everyone in your life secretly hate you. I remember during a really bad episode as a teenager, I was convince that my own parents didn't want me. There is nothing further from the truth. No matter how much you believe everyone hates... Continue Reading →

Physical and Mental health

Let's talk about physical and mental health. We should all put health in our everyday schedule. By this, I don't mean obsessing over exercise and healthy eating. I mean knowing our bodies, listening to them and taking steps to make our lives better. Chronic Illnesses There is nothing like suffering from several chronic illnesses to... Continue Reading →

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