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Against Racism?

If you write and/or talk about racism every day but allow your friends and family members to spew racist shit without calling it out, you are failing to stand for your beliefs and you are in fact contributing to racism. I... Continue Reading →

Why are white mass shooters seen differently?

Whenever there is a mass shooting anywhere in the world, I anxiously await, with fingers crossed, that the perpetrator is not a minority, or a Muslim, or an immigrant of some kind who did the shooting. Why? Because I know,... Continue Reading →

Racism Multi-Cultural Individual Face

Being Métis I have experienced both privileges of my white side and faced racism due to my indigenous side, which is kind of a unique place to be. I prefer to see myself and all mixed raced people as the... Continue Reading →

United States Losing Tourist Revenue

Many groups and individuals are opting out of their regular United States vacation over worries of encountering trouble at the border or over security in the country. Many Canadians simply don't feel welcomed or safe visiting their southern neighbour anymore.... Continue Reading →

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