How to be a feminist ally

Have you ever wondered how to be a feminist ally? Feminism is about social justice. It aims for equality between the sexes and emancipation from norms of gender and sexuality. Suffice it to say that it is not enough to call oneself a feminist to be so. One must undoubtedly be wary of such declarative... Continue Reading →


Victims of violence

70% of women in the world are victims of violence in their lifetime. Gendered violence is a real issue. It a real problem not only elsewhere, but here in Canada. I once dated a guy when I was in college that tried to punch me in the face when I wouldn't entertain the idea of... Continue Reading →

Stay single until you find someone worthy

The best advice I can give to my children is stay single until you find someone worthy. Stay on your own until you find someone who works to maintain your relationship. You shouldn't be the only putting in all the effort in the relationship. You should be with someone who understands that relationships are two-way... Continue Reading →

Friends of Quality

It is better to have a few friends of quality than it is to be surrounded by people who don't really care about you. Make sure you have friends who want you to truly be happy, not just friends who take your word for it. "Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers... Continue Reading →

Words Matter – Gender Edition

Words Matter - Gender Edition. There has been progress, but much remains to be done and many challenges to overcome for a gender-equal world. August 26th marks women equality day. This is why I decided to write about why words matters when it comes to gender. You can be a firm believer in equality, but... Continue Reading →

How to deal with anger

Do you ever wonder how to deal with anger? Do you struggle with anger? Here are some tips that can help. Problem Solving Skills Since problems are inherent in human existence and therefore often unavoidable, it is advisable to adopt the best attitude in order to be able to overcome the frustration provoked by the... Continue Reading →

We’re much more alike than we think

We're much more alike than we think so why is society‚Äôs first instinct to immediately hide anything that lies remotely outside of the norm? A lot of problems and misunderstanding in the world disappears when we talk to each other instead of about each other. Have you ever stop to wonder if the issue isn't... Continue Reading →

Friendships tend to change over time

Friendships tend to change over time, which can lead some friends to move away from each other. In such circumstances, some people may feel isolated and left out. Here's how to deal with this situation. Everyone experiences changes in their lives and their friendships. Sometimes these changes may cause friends to move away from each... Continue Reading →

How to handle rejection

Do you know how to handle rejection? Who is not afraid of rejection? Probably this fear lives with you every day, but you are not aware of it. It's only natural that our self-esteem is affected when someone rejects us. Some will retreat and lick their wounds. Some will want to lash out. There is... Continue Reading →

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