Why is alcoholism socially acceptable?

In our society, drinking alcohol is a very common habit, and even socially approved. It's related to parties, reunions between friends or it's a way to create a bond. It's also linked to a socially accepted way to escape the stress of motherhood. That's why there is a large percentage of people trapped in the... Continue Reading →


Surviving Breast Cancer

Having breast cancer means that part of your breast will be removed. It can be 1/2 of the breast, the 1/3 of the breast, 3/4, but there is a part of the breast that disappears, and in the end, there is a breast asymmetry, and that is very indisposing for the woman in terms of... Continue Reading →

Lovesick teens

A 17-year-old walked into a Maryland high school with the intention of killing his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend. They called the attempted murderer a "lovesick teen." This is not the first time it happens and it is unfortunately not the last. Approximately every 6 days, a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner. When are we... Continue Reading →

Marriage is a personal choice

Marriage is one of the most difficult topics for many women to deal with. It's no secret that society expects women to marry once they reach a certain age, and to have children.  It's no secret that this isn't the path for all women and it shouldn't be. This societal and familial pressure may result... Continue Reading →

Don’t spread negativity

If someone approaches you with a rumour, a devaluing comment about another person, an offensive criticism of foreign behaviour, the best is to keep it to ourselves. Let's build a barrier against negativity and refuse to pass it along without explanation and proof. Empathy plays a central role in human relationships. It is defined by our... Continue Reading →

Don’t be a doormat

Pleasing people isn't a bad thing in itself, but if it because the most important thing to you to please people all the time, in every situation, it can be very negative. I'm not a people pleaser and it has caused some issues, but I prefer dealing with these uncomfortable moments than feeling that I... Continue Reading →

It’s not just about him

Women are always entitled to an orgasm. Every single time. Sex is not just about him and if he says otherwise, put your clothes back on and go home. You deserve better. Please remember to share this with your children when you have the sex talks. Did you just cringe? This is perhaps the most difficult... Continue Reading →

The choice to have children

This is something that flabbergasts me. Whether you decide to have children or not, the decision is yours and yours alone. I can't understand why it's so difficult to understand that it's a personal choice, not an obligation. It sounds simple enough to me. For me, the need to become a mother came after becoming... Continue Reading →

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