Flirting 101

There seems to be a lot of insecurity when it comes to flirting these days. Here are a few life and romance tips that can help: Learn to praise a woman without demonizing other women. “You're not like other girls” is not a compliment. I want to be like other girls. Other girls are awesome. Being friendly with... Continue Reading →


Is the contraceptive pill safe?

The many side effects of the contraceptive pill contribute to the fall of its popularity in Quebec. More and more women are choosing another method of contraception. Some of the side effects include: Abundant menstruation; Depression; Embolism; Fatigue; Hair Loss; Infections; Loss of sexual drive; Migraines; Muscle cramps; Numbness of the face; Rise of milk;... Continue Reading →

Be a role model

National Inspirational Role Models Month is observed on November 1st. It has been observed the month of November since 2005 founded by Darlene House. The idea is  "To acknowledge impact contemporary and historic role models have on our lives.  Individuals chosen for recognition may include celebrities, historic figures, relatives, friends, colleagues and associates.  Celebrate with... Continue Reading →

Are you a storyteller?

People who are better at telling stories find it easier to get ahead in life. We have all been to social engagements where we observed someone who had captured the attention of a crowd through storytelling. Apparently, this ability is both captivating and attractive. Everyone has a story and every story has a beginning. Even... Continue Reading →

Don’t protect me. I want the truth.

I detest lying and try to stick to the truth. I do try to find the most delicate way to tell people the truth when I know it could be difficult to hear. I would much prefer having honest friends, than being surrounded by people who will lie to protect my feelings.  I prefer the... Continue Reading →

I hate rude and violent confrontations

If you are anything like me you don’t like fighting and would rather solve any problem peacefully. I much prefer discussing things politely and respectfully. I am a person who advocates openness to others and discussion to resolve problematic situations. "Bravery is to face the foe with integrity." This is a sacred native teachings. I... Continue Reading →

Are you a good listener?

"The Great Spirit gave you two ears and only one mouth, so you can talk half as much as you listen" - Iroquois Often when people are frustrated and complaining, they aren't looking for you to solve their issues. They simply want someone to listen. Good listeners do so with focus and compassion. They give... Continue Reading →

For those who stay

Anyone who has been through illness (physical or/and mental) know that people tend to drift away. I've been living with multiple chronic illness and mental illness for a few years now. There has been many ups and downs. I am still walking along the journey, trying to figure it out, testing different treatment to see... Continue Reading →

Domestic Violence

The greatest threat women face is from men they know. More than half of female homicide victims were killed in connection to intimate partner violence. The criminal justice system doesn't always recognize that fact. Most women end up in prison if they use a gun to protect themselves from abusive male partners. The cruel reality... Continue Reading →

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