Talk about it

Are you feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed? If you are anything like me, your first instinct is to close yourself off to everyone. I've leaned that's not the right instinct. We all need to talk about it. Call a trusted friend or family member and talk it out. Ask for support from friends and family via... Continue Reading →

Why a living wage is important

Even today, millions of full-time workers struggle to cover the cost of housing, food, health care, childcare and other basic necessities for themselves and their families. I'm not at the minimum wage and I still struggle financially, so I can't imagine how it would be to survive with a lower wage. Each day the working... Continue Reading →

Violence against women happens here too

The number of homicides of women in Canada has been relatively stable for the last 20 years. This might sound like good news, but other types of crime are decreasing.  Why is violence against women still so high? In 2018, the overwhelming majority of murdered women and girls were killed in a family context. That... Continue Reading →

Why should you embrace your emotions?

As a society, I find that we have grown uncomfortable with emotions. Although I am a big fan of Star Trek, I don’t necessarily think that Vulcan’s have a healthy view of logic or emotions. It's important to embrace your emotions because repressing them is bad for your mental and physical health. Embrace all of... Continue Reading →

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