I Feel Pretty – Movie Review and Reflections

Now that the movie “I Feel Pretty” starting Amy Schumer is on Netflix, I decided to watch it and judge it on my own without the influence of popular critics.

Important Notice!

If you hit your head enough to change your character and vision, please seek out medical attention. Do not simply brush it off.

Like the warnings on superman pajamas letting people know that wearing clothing with the superhero logo doesn’t mean you can fly, I felt like this warning needed to be said.

The writing

I always start my review with the writing. If your house doesn’t have a good foundation, it really doesn’t matter how much money you put in the house, it’s all doing to collapse.

The premise and story line is very simple and predictable. It’s not a movie you go see for it’s surprise plot twists. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be a light enjoyable movie to watch.

In addition, the “They won’t recognize me” thing is pretty annoying. Why does no one tell her she looks exactly the same as before? Like many movie you need to leave your brain at the door in order to enjoy the show.

Unfortunately, you can have the most talented cast ever, if the script isn’t up to par, there is nothing your actors can do to save the movie.

The moral lesson

Like most fairy-tale stories this type of movie always has a moral lesson for the audience. This movie doesn’t disappoint. It passes the moral lesson that physical beauty isn’t everything. In a relationship, you want someone who is the “complete package”.

“I know that I’m beautiful and I don’t need a room full of drunk guys to tell me that.” – I feel Pretty

The only thing that truly changes is her attitude.  Renee’s dresses in clothing that puts her body in value instead of hiding it. She newfound confidence allows her to live her best life. Confidence makes you alluring.

The movie also addresses toxic masculinity and view. It puts value in a man that has emotions and who is more well rounded.

Connecting to the main character

I was disappointed when her self-confidence turned into the very thing she disliked at the beginning of the movie. Renee starts discriminating against people she judges as not pretty enough. She starts thinking that she is better than her friends and embarrassing them in public. She becomes someone you wouldn’t want to be. It’s really difficult to connect with a character that you dislike.

She eventually hits her head again and reverts to the “old” her who lack self-esteem and thought she was embarrassingly ugly. Her character turns from a positive to a negative outlook and she becomes whinny and confrontational. This can come across as a little insulting. Most of us who would identify with her don’t act like that. We are more like her friends. The way you see yourself shouldn’t influence your character.

There is the obligatory moment when she looses everything, job, friends, boyfriend. The job and the boyfriend she only lost because she pushed them away. The lost of friendship made me reflect on my own. There have been times when me or my best friend weren’t our best selves and yet we never held it against each other.

The fashion industry casting super rich skinny and beautiful women as the average woman is annoying. Things are starting to change because we make our voices heard.

Cue the feelgood finale, tears are shed, wisdom is delivered and broad realizations are made. The moral of the movie: if you believe it, you will make it happen, whether this is a positive or negative outlook.

“There is no magic. They are both me.” – I feel pretty

Did you see the movie? What were your thoughts?

Top 10 : Halloween Music

I love Halloween. It’s one of my favourite holidays. Music is about feeling, so there’s nothing better to put you in the mood for Halloween than listening to the following top 10 Halloween songs:

Dangerous Type


Heaven Knows

How Soon Is Now

I Put a Spell on You

Monster Mash

Take Me to Church

Stay Calm

Thriller/Heads Will Roll (Glee Cast Version)

The Twilight Zone

The X Files

What are your favourite Halloween music?

World Tourism Day

September 27 is World Tourism Day.

Did you know that the most commonly forgotten item for travelers is their toothbrush? I always put that item as well as any other personal hygiene and sun protection in my carry one that way if they lose my baggage, I still have everything I need to survive while they are found. Often hotels markup these every day items because they know you can’t go without.

Another important thing that people often dismiss is vaccines. We live in a global world, and diseases that were once on the way out in Canada are now popping up again.Recent Canadian measles outbreaks were brought into our country because of travel. This shows us that we need to keep our vaccines up to date until measles has been wiped out worldwide.

Also be mindful when you travel. Some attractions aren’t worth it especially when these attractions are animals.

List of blog posts about travel:

Are you a Doctor Who fan?

I have been saying for years that the 13th doctor would be a woman, yet it seems a total surprise to many people. Ever since the announcement, I’ve heard all kind of sexist, ignorant and ridiculous reasons to why this is a huge mistake.

Today my wish is that each of us takes the time to reflect on the women we know who still have to fight to be entitled to the same conditions and be treated equally to men.

One thing I would like to say is please do not use the “They’ve ruined my childhood” argument. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s as simple as that. The entertainment industry isn’t ruining your childhood. Diversity, equality and representation are not ruining your childhood. You are just being an asshole.

You can be critical of a movie and/or actor without harassing them. Apparently, some fans are just garbage since they can’t do one action without doing the other.

Feminism will only become redundant when injustice, inequity and inequality are adequately addressed.

“You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common, they don’t alter their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views.” – Doctor Who

Review: Jessica Jones (Season 2)

Jessica Jones Season 2 came out on Netflix on International Women’s Day. Coincidence? I think not.

I’m a huge fan of Jessica Jones. I have watched the first season over and over again. I have to admit that I was terrified that season 2 would be disappointing after such an amazing 1st season. I happy to report that season 2 doesn’t disappoint with plenty of mystery, twists as it delves into Jessica’s past. I watch 13 episodes in 3 days. By the end, I was fangirling. Followed by the inevitable realization that I will have to wait who knows how long before the next season.

The series touches on many issues (Spoiler Alert!):


The series shows us both the story of a struggling addict and a recovered addict.

It doesn’t shy away from the lying, pushing people away, the withdrawal, the desperate need for another high, the false friendships, the denial.

“I have seen you circle the drain one too many times not to know what it looks like.” – Jessica

It also shows that it is possible to have a good life as a recovering addict and that it’s a struggle that you live with for the rest of your life. I know people who have stopped using over a decade ago and still feel the pull.

“Well, I need to work or I get myself into trouble. It’s an addict thing.” – Malcolm



There are plenty of strong female characters. It shows strong successful business women in different fields, mothers who would do anything for their children, women who had to survive on their own and found ways to do so.

It points out that women often get complimented in a way that still makes them inferior to men or that makes them the exception among their gender as if we can give credit to one strong woman, but can’t wrap our heads around the truth that every woman is strong and capable.

“Pretty good for a girl. I heard that a lot as a kid.” – Gerry

It shows women with ambition, who find their voice and want to use it for good.

“I’m using my show to make a difference.” – Trish

It also shows that even if a woman is in trouble, she doesn’t necessarily need a white knight to sweep in and save her. We can handle our own issues. Trish isn’t afraid to call out her boyfriend when he pulls some sexist shit. She won’t stand for it.

“You asked me to leave you out of it and I don’t need to be saved.” – Trish

Men often call women names denigrating her to feel better about themselves.

“It makes you feel better, calling her names. It makes you feel superior to her. Well, you are not.” – Gerry

I especially like the scene when Jessica doesn’t take lightly being called a bitch. I hate when women let men call them by that words as if it’s an endearment. It’s not.

“Call me a bitch again. Compare me to a dog, an animal, that you can kick and collar again.” – Jessica

Illegal Immigration

Being unable to do the right thing by fear of deportation.

“A man who would do this to a woman. I bet his a citizen.”


Dealing with an illness diagnosis is extremely difficult. I couldn’t help but draw some comparison to my own situation with the internet searches to learn more about your diagnosis. How difficult it is to realize and accept that you are losing control over your own body. Losing control over your own life, your own body is extremely difficult in itself, especially as an independent and strong person.  The side effect of the medication which isn’t fun.

It also doesn’t shy away from showing the vultures who will sell you all kind of alternative medicine for profit, not giving a shit about what it does to you. It doesn’t take long to find all kinds of people who will sell you medical cure, who will tell you they have the answers that modern medicine does not.

Mental Health 

Trauma. Nightmares. Flashbacks. Self-medication. The negative voices in your head. Thought of suicide. Pushing people away.

I once thought I could put it away and move on without actually facing it, but your past as a way of catching up with you one way or another.

“Maybe you can’t pass it without actually facing it.” – Trish


The street naming is a real technique to stop the spiralling. You can also name things that are around you. It’s about grounding you. I haven’t perfected that method yet.


I love the way the show normalizes sexuality in women. It shows homosexuality, orgies, using sex as an escape, Women who enjoy sex without negative judgement.


As a computer support technician, I can’t help but noticing technology in shows. Usually complaining about the writers not knowing enough about it to show reality. Microsoft must have paid a pretty penny for marketing placement as they have a couple throughout the episodes. For example, Jessica Jones’ web browser is Edge. I’m personally not a big fan. In an attempt to make the browser more user-friendly, they have taken away a lot of the controls/settings away creating more problems than solutions. The very clear Microsoft logo on the tablet held up for all to see. A bit of brand marketing there. The application that helps you learn piano, Playground Sessions.

The open rice bag with the phone barely buried in. That’s not how it works. The idea is good, but for the rice to absorb the humidity the phone must be buried and the bag needs to be closed.

My personal favourite quote

“Maybe we have an idea of who we want to be, but maybe we have to blow that up just to find out who we really are.” – Malcolm



Review: Black Panther

It was a great movie, one that we desperately needed in our turbulent times. A lot of love and passion went into the movie and it shows in the final result.

It’s absolutely unapologetically African as it should be. It shows gender equality.  It shows women in science. I found it refreshing that the little sister was taking care of her brother by using science, research and her own inventions. It’s daring. An absolute joy to see and hear.

Several incredible messages such as fear and anger will blind you to the right way. Or if you prefer, fighting isn’t the answer, nor is hiding. The message that even royalty can make mistake, that no one is perfect. The message that just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean that it has to keep being that way. It is good to honour the people who were there before us, but we must also be looking at the future generations. Finally, but not least, the message that we are all human beings and we should be helping each other.

“The wise build bridges, while the while the foolish build barriers” – Black Panter

It’s one of those movies that I will be adding to my collection to enjoy again and again.

Review: Jem and the Holograms

Like many, I grew up on the original cartoon Jem and the Holograms. I used to love the show so I decided to give the movie a try.

I did not expect the modern twist to the movie and at first, I didn’t really connect with the interpretation of Jem and the other characters. I almost turned it off before I made it through the introduction scenes. I’m glad I didn’t. The movie grows on you as you watch and it has depth.

I also added two of the song to my Spotify song list. I like songs with real writing, an actual message and not just some sexist denigration or hate words on a good beat.

Spa L’Ovarium (Review)

I’ve wanted to experience Spa L’Ovarium ever since I learned about the floatation baths (aka isolation tanks).

I went to Spa L’Ovarium for the first time along with two friends. We are all very different in size, health and experience. All three of us took the Essential package with is the flotation bath (also known as sensory deprivation tank) and a therapeutic massage.

We did the massage followed by the pods. I personally recommended for your first time that you do the pods first, followed by the message. I will explain why later.

I have Graves Disease, I had hyperthyroidism, but I now have hypothyroidism due to radiation, I also have a vitamin D deficiency for which I am being treated. None of my health issues is under control yet. I also struggle with depression and anxiety issues, which are getting better due to treatment. I am also being followed by a Rheumatologist and a Dermatologist, as my doctors suspect that I have another auto-immune illness. This week alone, I have 4 appointments at the hospital.

The baths are supposed to help strengthen the immune system due to my thyroid issues. It is supposed to releases and decreases negative stress because stress makes all illnesses both physical and mental worse. According to the site, one hour of floating is equal to three hours of sleep, something I also need due to sleep apnea and almost nightly migraines and being woken by physical pain. It’s supposed to help relieve pain and inflammation and so much more.

Every single employee at the spa is incredibly welcoming. I have rarely felt this level of comfort just interacting with the staff. I’m an introvert and socially inept and never felt uncomfortable or awkward.

treatment-1327811_1920The therapeutic massage was wonderful. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. I took a full body relaxation massage, which I really needed. Now, I already want to go back and ask to concentrate on my back muscles. One of my friends specified that she wanted a strong therapeutic massage using elbows and she got exactly what she needed.

The staff will give you a small information session prior to the baths in which you can ask all the questions you may have, but it still doesn’t quite prepare you for your first experience. The door to the floatation-bath is counter-weighted, thus permitting you to adjust the door to your personal preference. My first thought was that it was good for people who suffer from claustrophobia. If you have asthma, I highly recommend that you do not completely close the isolation tank. I did so because I wanted to full isolation experience and had issues with my asthma. It wasn’t enough to start a full-on asthma attack, but enough to take away some of the comforts from the experience.

When they say that “you will float effortlessly in the silky water”, they really mean it. When I first got in, I hadn’t grabbed on to the door of the pod and ended up sliding backwards in the centre of the pod with the door wide open. I was taken by surprise so I tried to stop myself. Every muscle in my body seized (this is due to my chronic illness) and was an enormous amount of pain. It eventually passed and I was able to put myself on my knees and reached the door to close it.

It’s really too bad that spas are expensive. Spa L’Ovarium is competitive in prices, but it’s still a luxury. Hopefully, I get to go back in a few months for my birthday.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi last night with my husband, my brother and cousin and none of us were disapointed.

If you get through the massive amount of pre-movie commercials without loosing your mind, you will be in for a wonderful ride. I got earnestly choked up a couple different times.

There are just so many beautiful, wonderful shots. I wanted to jump in the waters surrounded Luke’s island.

Warning! If you keep reading from this point on, there might be some spoilers.

The cute creatures who manage to guilt Chewbaca from eating his supper.  The way they made their home in the ship. Am I the only one who was reminded of the tribbles in Star Trek?

The characters are flawed, well-rouded human beings. Couragerous, but not fearless.

The storyline even gets the audience to root for Kylo Ren. I found myself hoping for his redemption.

Even after a lifetime of experience and accumulation of wisdom, Yoda still has things to teach Master Luke Skywalker. I’m a firm believer that has long as we live, we have more to learn.

The fact that Luke who has cut himself from the force for numerous years ends up stronger than most Jedi Master we’ve seen on screen was quite surprising. It made a link between him, Yoda and Obiwan Kenobi. He was that kind of Master.

I enjoyed the diversity of the characters and hope to see more and more of it in other movies. It is a much more realistic picture of our world.

#StarWars - TopicsWithPassion.blogWomen totally kick ass in this movie. General Lea is a wise and respected leader. Rey is determined and couragerous. Rose who has never been anywhere near any battle, doesn’t hesitate to put her life at risk to save the Rebellion and Finn. Captain Phasma is strong. I teared up when I saw that they had equal amount of female pilots when they charge the enemy in old speeders.

If that wasn’t enough, the collective gasp of the audience when Holdo jumps to lightspeed, slicing the First Order fleet to ribbons and the breathtaking shots and special effect sent chills down my spine. It was a spectacular shot. Another example of leadership, heroism and sacrifice.

There are plenty of comedic relief throughout the film. The relationship between BB8 and Poe Dameron is incredibly cute.

The entire movie is a big message that it’s time to let go of the old crew and our nostalgy and embrasse a new generation of Jedi and Star Wars stories. Personally, I can’t wait.

An inspiring ending that had me in tears again. It gave us hope for the future at the same time has making a link to Anakin and to all children who ever looked up at the sky and dreamth about being a Jedi. I know I was one of those.

At the end of the movie when the words “In honour of our princess: Carrie Fisher”. I teared up. It really hit home that it would be the last time we would see Carrie Fisher has General Lea. She was awesome in the movie. To see her again was magic.

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