Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi last night with my husband, my brother and cousin and none of us were disapointed. If you get through the massive amount of pre-movie commercials without loosing your mind, you will be in for a wonderful ride. I got earnestly choked up a couple different times.... Continue Reading →

Memories of Rome, Italy

If you ever are lucky enough to get the chance to travel to Europe, do not miss to discover all that it does the beauty of Italy, a country that marks the imagination with its historical splendour, breathtaking scenery and gastronomy! This gorgeous tumble of ancient and renaissance buildings are endlessly fascinating and beautiful. I... Continue Reading →

Review: Frontier

Frontier is a fictionalized story, but most of the big lines of history are being respected. I have never been a fan of the Baie Company and was shocked when they decided to rebrand back to the Baie D'hudson Company after all the horrors and corruption they had done (smallpox infested blankets, asking that fur... Continue Reading →

Memories of Mdina, Malta

Steeped in history, Malta's three inhabited islands are an incredible attraction to history buffs. It also offers visitors the perfect mix of relaxation, discovery, and adventure. The island of Gozo is bathed in sunshine nearly every day.Heritage sites, hikes up to cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean, and walks through Malta‚Äôs historic neighbourhoods. On the main island,... Continue Reading →

Between Screen and Chair

Some computer problems are easier than others to solve. I am an absolute fan of the IT crowd. The first time I watch this episode, I was laughing so much my ribs were hurting. As tech support, I can genuinely say, I've had days exactly like this one.   I thought I would share... Continue Reading →

Memories of Barcelona, Spain

The early-19th-century Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi took cues from modern Gothic and oriental techniques to create organic, urban spaces in Barcelona. A walk around the incredibly beautiful city leads you through the largest concentration of ceramic and stained-glass mosaics, as well as his undulating stonework and ironwork. We arrived at port during the afternoon siesta hours... Continue Reading →

Memories of Mykonos, Greece

I was really looking forward to visiting Mykonos, Greece. As an art history and archaeology student, there was a museum of archaeology I really wanted to see for myself. Unable to find the museum ourselves, I stopped to ask a woman who was cleaning a closed terrasse for direction. Seeing us approach, she informed us... Continue Reading →

Review: Quantico

I am currently listening to Quantico and it is quickly becoming one of my top favourites series. Quantico is about a group of young new FBI recruits going through training. The interpersonal relationship is well developed. There is excellent intrigue, humour, twists, mystery and drama. Each character highlighted in the series have incredible strengths and weaknesses.... Continue Reading →

Review: Glow

I should start this review by saying that I am not a wrestling fan.When I watched the Pilot episode, I wasn't convinced I would like a show about women wrestling. I decided to give it a shot because I had heard a lot of good things about the series. The series is about 14 misfit... Continue Reading →

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